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  1. My name is Sharon Birnie, and I am Pastor Steven's wife otherwise known as christianbacktobasics. Steven has been enjoying himself and having some great times of fellowship here on CFS so I thought I would join too, to enjoy some fellowship. You will find me really open and honest so I look forward to meeting you all in the coming weeks. God Bless
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  2. Hi Sharon and welcome. I really enjoy your husband's posts and looking forward to yours
  3. A big Scottish Thistle welcome, Sharon!!

  4. Hi Lance, really nice to meet you, my husband said you are a really great guy, and I look forward to fellowship with you, (once I work out how to use this forum!).:cautious:
  5. Hi Euphemia, nice to finally meet you, thank you for allowing the Lord to use to heal our little Emily. Look forward to spending time in fellowship with you.
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  6. It was an honour for me to pray for little Emily! I am grateful to God along with you!
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  7. You seem so nice, and Steven spoke highly of you:)
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  8. I think some here may disagree with you, but I thank you very kindly!
  9. She has her moments :)
  10. Welcome Sharon!
  11. Hi! Welcome to CFS! :)
  12. Hi Tropicalbound, sorry for late reply to your message, its lovely to meet you.
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  13. Hi Patricia, lovely to meet you, looking forward to some fellowship:)
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  14. Well, this is so great! I have So enjoyed your husband's posts and his suggestions. My husband is presently out of town, so things have been boring in my house. It will be good to see him again.
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  16. No children at home -- all off, married, and all have given us grandchildren. My two live near by, and each have two boys and one girl. My husband's children are entirely too far away, but my husband is visiting his son, son's wife, and their two girls this weekend. His daughter, her husband, their daughter and son are so far away that we just sit about the house and miss them. Children -- the best that can happen to a couple!
  17. Hi Tezrili, sorry for the late reply we had a group in last night so laptop wasn't on. It's a shame when families become spread around, I feel so blessed to have my sister-in-law 2 minutes away, mother-in-law, and an uncle 5 minutes away, another sister-in-law 8 minutes away. unfortunatly I have a strained relationship with my own parents, they are unsaved and think we take "our religion too far".:confused:
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  18. My birth-family is very spread out, too. I understand, Christian2!
  19. Welcome Sharon. I'm a newbie too. :)
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