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  1. Whew! i feel like a kid who just started a new school and had to be directed hand to hand to his class and put through on dos and donts *covering eyes*...
    Since it's never too late to put back the horse before the cart, I'm trilled to be finally where i can get discussions i can read which would help prepare myself for what matters most to me " salvation". Im so so so happy to be here * dancing*(y)
  2. :D Welcome {again} (y)

    It's a large audience and we like to keep on top of stuff :)
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  3. Hi there, Holycaves. It's a nice place and I think you'll like it.
  4. Already loving it...;):cool:
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  5. Also forgot to add... I'm Nigerian, live in Nigeria I'm 30 yet single "smh", and love helping out where i can... try to be funny when I'm in a good mood but not too good @ it ,more like only the joke being told feels it is funny cos even I telling it knows it's not...
  6. We have a dedicated humour section here.


    You can share jokes there and read all the others.

    I'm not good at jokes so I avoid that topic. :X3:
  7. Great!! let me try flexing those dry muscles of mine... :cool:
  8. Helllllooooooooooo.

    Hope you enjoy it here!
  9. jump on in the water is just right!
  10. Welcome Holy Caves,
    Well dont loose those dancin shoes just yet for I must warn ya that you never know whats around the corner and just when you thought things were slow.....surprise some anointed words that you needed to hear and before you know it, well your feet are a dancin once again. Glad to have you here and looking forward to some fellowship as well.
    Have a great week
  11. Oh yes i am... just what i needed to jump start my spirituality.... yippppiiiieee!!!
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    Ohhhh believe me, those shoes will stay on!!!

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