Hello All

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by thirsty1, May 21, 2007.

  1. Hello All

    Hey all

    Just wanted to say hi and thanks for having me. I live in Illinois with a good wife, five children with four still at home, two grand kids, a dog a cat and maybe a mouse, that's what the cat says anyway ;) talking God is above all my most favorite thing to do, I'm still learning and can't seem to get enough.

    God bless
  2. thirty1, welcome to CFS. Hope you have a good time here. Hi from me to everyone at home.

    :D :welcome:
  3. I am glad you are here Thirsty1- welcome to CFS!
  4. thats a nice treat. ;)
  5. Greetings Thirsty!
    We should all have that un-quenchable thirst for the knowledge of God! Glad to have ya join us!!!
  6. Thanks everyone, such a nice welcome. I hope all are well in this great gift of today

  7. Hi thirsty1,
    Welcome and hope all are well where you are.

    Beaux Reflets
  8. Hi, nice to have you around. Glad to hear that you thirst for the Lord too, that's great!
  9. hello BeauxReflets and mustardseed

    thanks it's great to be here

  10. :fish:Welcome thirsty1!:fish:

    ~War is just senseless in general. But there will always be war. That is the reality of it. Though war isn't right, it is necessary to reach a goal~
  11. Thank you Mary17 :) :) :)


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