Heaven's Stairway

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  1. Heaven's Stairway

    Climbing a stairway to heaven
    isn't an easy thing.
    Sometimes you'll feel like crying,
    sometimes you'll want to sing.

    Things of this world, so alluring,
    trying to draw you back.
    If on Me you stay focused,
    I'll keep you right on track.

    The rungs are set out of balance,
    with gaps both great and small.
    In faith move steadfastly forward,
    ... I will never let you fall.

    It may seem like it's taking forever,
    but time is on your side.
    And now that you're out in the open,
    there's no point trying to hide.

    The plans I have may astound you,
    though you're not completely surprised.
    I've prepared your heart for this moment,
    so look up now, open your eyes.

    There are some things I must show you:
    Things that could rend your heart.
    But it's part of the preparation,
    and when you return it will start.

    Remember the words I have spoken:
    Fear is not of the Lord.
    You know you can trust in Me freely.
    I am your shield and your sword.

    Many are those who stand waiting,
    so come now and listen to Me.
    A few more steps up the stairway,
    then My face you will see.

    You my child I have chosen,
    my brother, my sister, my bride.
    Come now into my presence,
    and put all your troubles aside.

    When you are ready, I'll be waiting,
    waiting to show you my love.
    Ride on the wings of My Spirit:
    Climb the stairway to heaven above.

    © 1997​
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  2. Romans_8,

    The part that spoke with me in Heaven's Stairway is when many who stand waiting - DO SOMETHING IN THE MEANTIME FOR HIS GLORY! A few more steps up the stairway is "going forward." We have been chosen, all our troubles will poof away, we are already saved and will receive the LOVE of Jesus, forever. It's going to happen so while we are waiting upon the Lord, lets DO SOMETHING!

    Do you know any Christian musicians who have composed music to your poems? I enjoyed your poem, brother. Thank you for sharing.
    God bless you.
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