Healthy Chocolate Shake

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  1. Healthy Chocolate Shake

    Chocolate shake
    You can use frozen yogurt at home to make a shake and that's a great start. But another way to get the same feel and close to the same taste is to try a banana smoothie. First, throw bananas that are getting overripe into the freezer – just as they are. Then when you have a craving for a shake, put one and a half cups of skim milk, one frozen banana (slice into chunks and then peel; it makes it easier to get the frozen skin off), a splash of vanilla, and a tablespoon of chocolate syrup into the blender. You can also add a few shakes of cinnamon for a bit more kick to the drink
  2. Mmm thanks Dusty, another use for those ugly black bananas. :)

    I did it like you said, but I didn't have choc. syrup so I used that Strawberry Nesquick syrup, and I used 2% milk.

    I blended the banana first...

    I think I'd double the banana content though.
  3. Mark .... You have to put the liquid in and then the banana and the frozen banana makes it more like a shake without all the calories of ice cream .
  4. Ya, I just put the banana in a bit first so the blade could blend thema bit before the liquid is in there, slowing the blade down. dunno if it makes a difference. I diud blend them together though of course.

    Made another one today with double chocolate protein powder. Mmmmm.
  5. That sounds good .... Yum ... I have to try that.
  6. Good soundin' treat... gotta try that one...

    Y'all mentioned - "Healthy Chocolate Shake" -

    I gotta ask... When I been out in the back woods all day cuttin' wood and I'm hungry and thirsty, I get the shakes just thinkin' about chocolate sometimes - is that healthy ? ( :D ).


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