He is Calling You

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  1. He is Calling You

    He's Calling You!

    Jesus stopped and said, "Tell the man to come here." So they
    called the blind man. They said, "Be happy! Stand up! Jesus
    is calling you." The blind man stood quickly. He left his
    coat there and went to Jesus.

    -- Mark 10:49-50 (ERV)

    Jesus still calls to us! He wants us to hear the message of his life --
    you can come to me and receive life, he speaks to us. He wants us to
    hear the message of his teaching -- you who are heavy burdened come to
    me and learn from me and find rest with me, he tells us. He wants us to
    hear the message of his resurrection -- you can come to me and find
    rest, safety, and joy in my presence, he wants us to know. Jesus is
    calling to you. Will you follow him?

  2. AMEN:)when I got saved it was so emotional:) I believe Jesus called me, I believe Jesus came to me and said "Hugo,drop your things and follow me" :)
    Thanks Dusty:)
  3. That's awesome , Oogi. :):) May all of us ( Me too ) rekindle that first love with Jesus Christ and have a burning desire to serve Him more so that the love we have for Him will never grow dim but will get stronger and stronger as we abide in Him.

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