He’s Not a Baby anymore

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  1. He’s Not a Baby anymore

    If you think of Jesus
    As a baby in a manger,
    He’s not a baby anymore

    He lived and died and rose again
    That you can be born again,
    To free you from all your sin
    He’s not a baby anymore

    Jesus says, “I am the way
    Come to me, I won’t turn you away.
    Confess me as your Lord today.
    Please don’t delay”

    Trust Him now with all your heart
    To you His life He will import
    You’ll live life abundantly
    With peace, love, and joy eternally

    Because now you know
    He’s not a baby anymore

    (c) 2000
  2. He's not a baby in the manger any more.
    He's not a broken man on the cross.
    He didn't stay in the grave.
    And He's not staying in Heaven for ever.

    People get ready.
  3. :amen: Too many still see Him on the cross or act like He is still dead on the cross , but He rose from the dead and is alive! He was victorious over sin and death and because of Him we can be victorious no matter what the devil tries to bring our way!
  4. And I might add that too many people today are still worshipping a little baby. Cause little babies are sweet . Too many people think of Jesus still in the manger ... that's why I love this poem GodSpeaks .
  5. That was the point. They think of Him as a baby instead of worshipping Him as SAVIOR and LORD.
    This year is so strange. I dont see or hear much about Him at all ( even as a baby)
  6. You are right and I was even looking for some nice Christmas programs on TV like in the past when we used to see different singers singing Christmas Carols and there is nothing . It is really so sad.

    That is why I look forward to Christmas Eve , when we have our Candlelight service at church .
  7. We had our Christmas service Sunday. It was about salvation ;)
  8. Well it looks like I'm a bit late to get here,but we can be sure that Jesus will never come late.:)

    Praise to our Lord that He knows His sheep and the sheep know the master.

    God loves all

  9. No you aren't late, you're early this year. But if you're going to be early this is the best day to start thinking about it :)
  10. i don,t know were the baby term comes from anyway,the fruit of Christ shows the father,people of the world might say the fish that got away .or the son who escaped the slaughter like moses.and himself also.the true vine from the father.and when he says he will return ,you can be sure he will do so.
  11. Very goooood =]

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