Have you ever seen a really good example of Christ-- besides christ himself,and biblical characters?

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  1. For me I haven't seen that yet, and I know we need to give people room for error BC, at the end of the day: Christian or not, pastor or not... They (we) are still human.. And aren't perfect...

    I know someone will quote the whole be ye perfect for I am perfect scripture....

    But despite that, we stil fall short..

    But reverting back to the question: Have you witnessed Christians that weren't too much of Hippocrates? That were as close to Christ as possible?
  2. Hard to qualify. I have met a couple of people that do seem to me completely divorced from this world and its temptations - one a monk. It's (IMO) rare though. I don't think even they would claim perfection.
  3. I dont think monks are Christians,most claim Buddhism.
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  4. The one I'm thinking of I think would claim to be Franciscan. After my "scizophenic" (so the doctors said) do I did visit Pantasaph a few times. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pantasaph

    I'm not actually Catholic but these people were helpful.
  5. I think no one can truly ever answer this question. Because you never know what is in the heart of a person. We all can see glimpses of Christ like behavior from Christians. Sustained behavior is something else :)
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  6. I have known a great many Christians in my life, and the instances where I have come across pure hypocrisy is low in number. I have witnessed more Christians fall away or backslide than actual hypocrites. Perhaps it is because in the 2 churches I have belonged to in my whole life, there is a check and balance continually going on in the life of the churches, where the Body of Christ works together to build up each other and to properly confront those who are caught up in error or hypocrisy, to bring them to repentance...or we let them go according to scripture.
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  7. Very true, but I'd still appreciate the effort they put in to be Christ like...rather than preach one thing and do an absolute other thing, especially when you're a leader...but again...

    This is why I remind myself that everyone is human,regardless of their title.
  8. Sure! We arent clones of Jesus...but every believer has something of Him inside, especially if they displaying the fruits of the spirit.
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  9. Pancakes what you are talking about here is GRACE - that most awesome wonderful best friend in our every day life. Aint grace great !!
    God Bless
  10. Pancakes not even Paul claimed to be a ''good'' Christian Rom 7:15.

    There is one thing that qualifies someone as a good Christian in my books and that is that they keep at repenting and making right with God. That they keep God in their thoughts. Phil 2:12 and 1 Cor 11:31 agrees with me. Edit: I agree with :whistle:.

    I see grandparents with their grankids as 100% representative of Jesus ;).
  11. Fruits of the holy spirit all nine of them on one person? I think not many people have attained this but you might see it in elders...whove been walking with Jesus for a long time. Its something in their eyes quite unmistakeable the light of Christ.

    These are the kinds of people you just feel totally safe with. You know they could never dream of hurting anyone, are always gracious, loving, caring, full of joy, at peace with their life situation, gentle, do good works, love the Lord, are disciplined in their daily habits. If they are married they are faithful to their spouse. They may have suffered long but it hasnt turned them bitter. They look forward to heaven and arent afraid of dying.
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  12. All nine fruit are within the believer and in need of development. ALL of us have all nine. Note that the word of God does not refer to them as FRUITS, but FRUIT.
  13. Yes, I agree with your description..
  14. I think you mean "hypocrites", Hippocrates was a classical Greek physician.
    Yes, I've known a few. Elder Ephraim of Philotheou and Father Moses ( a Russian Orthodox monk) are good examples. Mt. Athos has dozens of saintly inhabitants.
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  15. Lol..yes I do..i misspelled that wrong..im blaming auto correct. Lol

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