Has anyone heard from "New2Christ"

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  1. Has anyone heard from "New2Christ"

    Has anyone heard from New2Christ. She hasn't been here in a while and I was just wondering if she is alright.

    Lord, I pray that New2Christ is alright and we know that she is in your hands. If it is your will, bring her back to CFS. All of her friends here miss her so much. Father, please send us word that New2Christ is alright. May your will be done in her life. In Jesus name we pray...AMEN

  2. The Forum membership log indicates that New2Christ was logged in here last on 05-28-2009 at 10:34 PM.
  3. Thanks Pastor Gary, I sent her a pm. I was just concerned because I haven't heard from her in while. It's not like we all have numbers for each other. You kind of get use to seeing certain people more regularly.

    Thanks again,
  4. Sister, when I was sending someone a message this morning, I saw her name and I had the same thought.

    I will be praying that everything is ok with her until we hear from her again. She's a sweetie for sure.

  5. Thanks for bringing this up so we may join in prayer!

    :cool: That sounds like a possible ministry opportunity.:)
  6. That sounds like a possible ministry opportunity.

    Yes, that's a good idea to send out prayers for people we haven't heard from in a while. Especially when it is out of routine for them.

    Hmmm....something to definitely consider.


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