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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Euphemia, May 8, 2014.

  1. I have been looking for a well-moderated Christian site for a long time, and I think I have finally found one! I am hoping to be able to share with and offer support to people concerning our faith in Jesus Christ and our common enjoyment of God's word.

    I can see by perusing the forums that this is a place of quality, with quality members! Encouraging, to say the least! God bless you all today!
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  3. Welcome!
  4. Howdy! You're right, this place is awesome! Get in there and start posting (y). Oh yeah...and welcome!
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  5. Welcome to the forum!
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  6. Thank you, all!

    I thought I might explain my user name. It was my dear Scottish grandmother's name, and it means "of fair speech", which I believe should be the manner in which Christians need to communicate. I can be to the point, but offer words seasoned with the love of God and laced with the truth of the word.
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  7. Happy to have you here Euphemia! This forum really does rock, I love it. Cool story about your username btw :)
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  8. Howdy partner, I reckon you'll be enjoying your stay here at the CFS.
  9. Welcome! I just joined for similar reasons as you and am enjoying it here so far!
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  10. The word is Greek..and is often translated as Praise...:)
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  11. Hello and welcome to the forums!! :) Glad you joined us. Hope you enjoy your stay here!!

    God Bless you (y)
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  12. So far, so good!
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