Happy Easter

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  1. Hi fellow believers,

    Happy Easter 2016 to you all.
    What a wonderful time as Jesus shed his blood and sacrificed His body that we might inherit His Spirit of eternal life, that we might draw close to our Father , the author and creator of all that is. That we might be filled with His love and peace.
    This Easter may you all enter into His wonderful peace and rest.

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  2. Welcome to CFS Pastor James!

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  3. Yes indeed.
    I have begun refering to it as John 3:16 season,
    so blessed John 3:16 season to you and yours.
  4. Thanks Calvin,
    a blessed John 3:16-18 season to you and yours also ;)
  5. [​IMG]

    Tav is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet and the letter meaning is COVENANT or MARK. Every covenant of God involves blood. As it is Passover soon, I found this on pinterest and thought it would be worth sharing because it truly marks God's covenant when Jesus died on 14 Nisan 3787. In ancient Hebrew it was a CROSS - +!
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  6. And blessing to you and yours this John 3:16 season
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  7. Hello Pastor James , welcome to CFS. Happy Easter.

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  8. Indeed it is about Jesus Christ who rose from the dead and paved the way for salvation.
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  9. Happy Easter to you all. :)
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  10. Welcome to CFS, Pastor James!

    Many blessings this Resurrection Day, everyone! 'It is a faithful
    saying: for if we be dead with Him, we shall also live with Him.'
    (2 Tim. 2:11)
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  11. Does anyone still put blood over their door for Passover?
  12. No. It was just for that day because it was to protect them from the last plague. Passover is a reminder of that event.
  13. Welcome to CFS! Happy Resurrection day :)
  14. Don't forget Mother's Day is May 8th! Its early this year so don't forget MOM!!! All moms, grandma's and all the special women in your life will appreciate your thoughtfulness on this special day which celebrates WOMEN.
  15. Happy Mother's Day to all Moms, Grandmas, Aunts and any other Mother figure out there. Today we honor you!

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