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  1. I didn't mean to do it, and this is probably not the first time! When I get on here, I usually go to the list of "New Posts" after I visit my "alerts." If the title intrigues me, I usually just open and read, but often, I answer. I realized last night that I answered a post in the men's area! It'sd probably not my first time doing that! I am sorry!!
  2. :eek: you did it again??

    I think these rooms are not controlled.. Anyone can peep into it.. Thinking about it, I don't know to how many posts of women's area I have replied to :cautious:
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  3. I'm sure it will be fine.
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  4. I did it.
  5. I do the same thing... I only read the "new posts" and never know where they are. Oh well... forgive me ladies if I entered too...
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  6. We have a mens area? I had no idea.
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  7. The entire forum is men's area! We are all over the place :D

    On a serious note, there is one.. but I don't know if anyone is using. The last thread I remember is where all ladies were coming in and saying we can see you!!
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  8. I'll bet you are. [flipping through the Book of Warnings]

    Let's see [flipping more pages] it's gotta be here somewhere [flips even more pages]

    Ah, yes [arrives at the page] here it is [points at the text]

    Wait, that's not it. [flips through to the end of the book]

    Guess there isn't anything. Never mind.
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