growth through trials

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  1. growth through trials

    Prayer: Father, each spiritual test and trial allows me to strengthen and even overcome an area of weakness. I need to feel your love during times when I'm not as strong, and I'm thankful for the wisdom I gain through a difficulty. Strengthen my heart with the fact that you're there with me during my trials. Please allow me to remember my life in heaven before coming here to Earth, when I was eager to experience life with all its challenges.

    "The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him."--Nahum 1:7
  2. Amen, each trial is an opportunity to trust God and see Him faithfully move on our behalf. We are to embrace the cross and die the the kicking and screaming of our flesh as this is where we will find ourselves alive to God in Christ.
  3. Amen, Bo!

    Without troubles and obstacles, we could live a carefree life. In our nature, we would become arrogant and boastful, taking credit for the peace and calm in our lives, instead of giving the glory to Him.

    My troubles are difficult, but God doesn't give me more than I can handle. When it's too much, He will carry me. And when He carries me, I'll know that He is God Almighty. That I'm weak, and He is strong.

    I love God so much! :)
  4. Trials

    I am not sure why we have to go through them to grow. Why can't we just 'get it'. I wish it would work that way but it never has for me. Sometimes I think the trials come in part because we fail to appropriate the truth that God shows us until there is pressure to do so. LIke do you pray more in good times or bad times? Maybe if we (I) prayed more in the good times the bad times would be fewer. Just a thought.
  5. My storms and trials and deep valleys is where I was the closest to God and I just felt like I was in the palm of His hand and He was saying to me .... "I'ts going to be alright, I am right beside you. I will never leave you nor forsake you" " One day you will soar like an eagle "
  6. Grace that is a good thought because when we are prayed up so to speak then when the hard times come we are prepared.
  7. Trials help to teach us (and remind us after having been taught) that our dependence is on God, not our own strength or circumstances.

    Many trials are simply the result of living in a sin sick world.

    Trust only develops when it is tested.
  8. A great image that my youth pastor used to help us understand the trials that we go through is with the purification of silver.
    Silver is purified by fire.

    The silver is placed into the fire- As Christians we go through these trials(fire) set before us by God in order to better ourselves as Christians and to help others.

    The purification in progress- As Christians God won't put us in situations that we can't handle, but the trials that we are put through are to make us stronger and draw us closer to God. Much like being literally placed into a fire, these trials may not/will not be pleasurable, but that is only to draw us closer to Him.

    The finished product (purified silver)- The fact that God won't dish out more than we can handle is evident that he knows what he is doing. Just as the metal worker would with the silver, he knows when to bring it out of the fire. God will help us out of these trials if we would but ask his help and just like the metal worker God knows his work is finished when he can see his reflection in his creation.
  9. The metal smith heated the silver and took out the dross as it rose to the surface, when He saw His reflection perfectly He knew it was pure.
  10. Ok, but enough is enough already!!!

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