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  1. Greetings!

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Trevor. I am a homeschooled senior, and I am anxious to graduate this May. I love reading :read: and writing, and I really enjoy Lord of the Rings (as if you couldn't tell ;) ). God bless you all!
  2. Welcome Trevor! I hope you enjoy CFS as much as I.
  3. Hello, LOTRGeek! I like Lord of the Rings, too! Welcome to the forum![​IMG]
  4. Thanks for the welcome!

    And Fluffy, that eagle looks like a mini-Gwahir!! :D
  5. I knew you would appreciate that one![​IMG]
  6. Welcome LOTRgeek!
    Cant understand the books myself, but I have no fantasy brain cells!
  7. Hi there and welcome! I'm new here as well! LOTR - good reading, and great movies!

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