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  1. Hi there; I'm new here. If this were a church I would sit quietly and wait to be welcomed and so I shall sit quietly and wait to be welcomed.
  2. Well hello Pastor David, Welcome to CFS. I'm chili. Please take a quick moment to review this link if you haven't done so yet

    We are a pretty friendly bunch of believers here and welcome all comers. Come pray , laugh, cry, cook, praise Jesus, learn, and have fun doin it :) God Bless you David
  3. Yikes.

    Well, welcome.

  4. I am glad to hear from several people. I am an author and have been busy writing since I signed in earlier today. I just started working on a new book that hadn't been at the top of my priority list. My newest book was supposed to launch today, but I think it got delayed as I haven't heard from my publisher since last week. So, with nothing else pressing I got to work on a new one. I was also busy writing new posts for my online daily devotion,
    Abundant Grace. Check out the devotion on my website,
  5. It is a little cold here to go fishing today. Yesterday it was 60 and today the high was thirty. Brrr. It was a good day to do what I do, write. Started a new book and wrote a few devotions for my online daily devotion Abundant Grace. Check it out on my website,
  6. Welcome! Your book about the gospel from your dog´s view looks really interestingly!
  7. It is a best seller, so to speak. I use an independent publisher and among books published by independent publishers it is in the top 10% for sales. That leaves it only a million short of being on the New York Times Best Selling list. You can get it on my website, or at Amazon or Barnes and Noble web not in store. It is available in print and kindle.
  8. Welcome Pastor David.

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  9. Hello Pastor David, welcome to the forum. How has your week been so far?
  10. It has been a pretty good week. My publisher contacted me today and said that my newest book can launch on time this Friday. For a while I was concerned it wouldn't happen on time. That does happen, but not this time. If you like freezing weather this week is great. Monday it was 60 and Tuesday the high was 30 and today, well, colder still. My dog loves this weather and is even more eager for her walks than when it is warmer.
  11. Welcome Pastor David. :)
  12. Glad to hear your book will be launching on time!

    I actually love the cold weather. Sometimes I think of myself as a polar bear :) However, here in California we haven't been having great winters. We've actually had record high temperatures. This last summer in my area we reached temps as high as 110, and I would have to crawl in attics that were 130+. Fun fun fun!

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