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  1. Thank you for having me here, I will probably read more than post, though a good discussion is always welcome.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum.
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  3. You look like Jesus in that picture. Welcome!
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  4. What happened to the group I was posting in? don't tell me I was banned?
  5. What group were you posting in?
  6. Hmmm . . . I don't recall, but it was regarding the Muslim religion.
  7. Oh, you are talking about a topic. Topics are subject to moderation, and that topic was moderated.
  8. How are they moderated? All I did was express my opinion on the topic.
  9. The topic was moderated, not the individual post. Do not take it personally. It happens from time to time when a topic is against the spirit of the site, which is Christian fellowship and encouragement.
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