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  1. I am a brand new member here. I haven't even been a long time lurker! I recently had to reset up Tapatalk on my phone for the Jeep forum I belong to, and I discovered that there were many other forums using that app as well. Sweet!

    I am pretty happy and bubbly most of the time and that tends to drive some people bonkers. Fair warning! Let me say, I have walked the flip-side where I was gloomy, depressed and seriously bummed, I will take the joy God has filled me with any day!!

    Looking forward to making new friends!

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  2. Welcome and I hope your bubbly period lasts.
  3. Hidy hooooooooooo Jeepgurl welcome to CFS. Ya God fills every heart that is open to Him with JOY and Happiness.
    Indeed indulge your self in the Glory of Jesus. Got any Jeep pics? Rock crawling? Mud boggin? :)
    Hey FYI if you have not done this yet please look at the welcome pak here.
    God Bless you Jeepgurl :)
  4. Thanks for the welcome Pastor David.

    Would you please clarify "bubbly period"?
  5. Hiya JG27_chili!

    I'm thankful God does fill hearts. He made me a happy gal, and I'm grateful His love pulled me from darkness. Here's a picture of my Jeep. My family has put over 300 thousand miles on her.
    God Bless you!


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  6. Thank you!
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  7. Welcome!!! :D
  8. Welcome to the forums!

    I hope you enjoy it here. :) :) :) :)
  9. Hi JG,
    God bless!
  10. Thank you all for the welcomes! They are very much appreciated. :)
  11. Hi and welcome!
  12. A warm welcome. It's great to have you here.

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