Greetings brothers and sisters!

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by godsdeborah, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. Greetings brothers and sisters!

    I am thankful to the Lord to have the opportunity to participate with you all here and to fellowship and work with you for the good and increase of HIS Holy Kingdom and purposes!

    I look very forward to getting to know all of you in days ahead!

    GOD bless each of you and all of yours abundantly.

  2. Greetings godsdeborah :) :)

    hope you enjoy your stay here .
  3. Welcome to CFS
  4. hellow godsdeborah :)
    very cool username! i like it :)

    hope you enjoy it heeeereee!
  5. Ahh gee eh...thnkx it is more of a truism than a username, but a cool identifyer, I BELONG to HIM ;)

    So gosh eh, I gottsa ask ya... what is wit yer own username?? what is "xspinning" and why's it "fun"?
  6. God bless you too. Good to see you so active.
  7. Thank you Jeff... and right back at you brother GBU and I assure ya it is entirely MY pleasure to take part... actually I have not been available to do as much reading and posting as I'd really like to... due to my busy schedule with starting a new biz and going to a "course program" for that same endeavor, 3 days each week Tues - Thur.

    and then too I belong to Toastmasters and go to that every Thursday eve.

    BUT soon my classes are DONE PRAISE JESUS MY LORD (I am grateful for the blessing of these classes, make no mistake but I'll be glad when I graduate it and finish it all Oct 22) meanwhile we are supposedly not going to have to attend into the class anymore after mid August, and so only have to work on our own on our businesses, so I'll have actually more free time. I know sounds kinda weird to say that , but my business is "professional speaking and facilitating" and so well it is simply NOT yer usual 9-5 routine gig it's more here and then there and when ever it is it is and then it's over til the next time! Yikes if that helps to make any more sense of what I'm conveying ;)

    ANYHOO JEFF... I am so very glad to be a part of CFS and a vessel of the Lord so I look forward to the days ahead eagerly! I have been richly blessed already by my participation with the forum! Blessings to you and all yours brother!

    OHHHH btw, it jist dawns on me... R U da same Jeff who approves the "Prayer Team"? I applied but no word back yet, and I'd sure LOVE to be part of ANY PRAYER ANY TIME!!
  8. Wow.. you'll be a great speaker for God. :D I am happy for you. We need people who can speak fearlessly to the world so his name can go as far as possible.

    And yes, I am the same Jeff. I'm waiting for someone in the mod team to approve of it. I've not been involved there so I don't know exactly how it works. Someone will get back to you on that. Sorry for the wait.

    Shine for Jesus.
  9. YUPPERS I just replyed to yer PM on that... I seems to be chasin ya tonight! Now watch out... I jist may sneek up and HUG YA when ya isn't looking! ;)
  10. hah. :D Jesus would have had a tough time with him being chased. Not that I am like him. Just a feeling you know. :D Love you sister.
  11. OH my well gee, I begs ta differ dearest brother,,, yer look'n & frequently sound'n a whole bunches LIKE HIM ... and Praise His Holy Name that ya are too eh!! I would never has it any other way... sheeeeeish eh after all we is being "conformed to His Holy image" ( I think it's fair enuf if we should aspires to and even occasionally succeeds to BE LIKE HIM given that thar is our true determined destiny huh! PRAISE JESUS! ;)
  12. HUmmm thanks there Michael BUT well we are about 3 steps ahead of ya here now... already did the applying to join part (which is the link you gave) am discussing with Jeff the actual approval part which is what he is uncertain of "how to do"... but thanks for caring ;)
  13. Check under your username.
  14. We are thankful to God for that as well. Welcome!
  15. Helloooooo!!Godsdeborah. Hey jump aboard the Angel plane!
    All of us are taking a ride to Heaven. The pilot is Jesus and I am HIS copilot. We have stewardesses dressed in pure white
    We are serving dinner on this flight. The main course is called "The bread of life" for drinks we have living water. [​IMG] we also have GREAT reading material. The title is The Bible.
    We have all window seats so you can see everything. If you get tired we will give you a pillow made of clouds. It is very comfortable indeed. Also there is room for everybody on the planet! :smiley90: Hey and the best of all the tickets are FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paid in full by our pilot Jesus. is HE generous or what!!? So [​IMG] to CFS Godsdeborah Enjoy!

    Brother Chili out.

  16. Hey you big silly bro ... why are ya welcoming here again Chili Man!!! It's me Deborah :) Ya welcomed me a way back already and aside yer the bro who referred me ya big silly!!! I am chuckling so hard right now!!! Be blessed you crazy Chili man!!! Yer sis Deb
  17. Ah well I didn't give ya the Angel plane. there it is. i had it special made bout 5 years ago in JG27. My special friend made it custom for me, his name is Reload. he actually develops vid games for the computer. He werkt for Eidos
    I hope you like it

    God Bless you sis abundantly

    Chili out

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