Greetings all

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Marty, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Greetings all

    Hello all . Firstly let me say, that its 2am where i am and im not long in after a long shift at work. So i'll be brief in my introduction and promise to post a better and fuller bio some time soon.

    My name is Marty and i am a recently returned backsliden Christian. Now i know that alarm bells will be going off in some peoples mind but i can assure you, i AM a backslider in the real sence as i know with absolute certainty that I am saved.

    I was about 17-18 when i came underconviction and for the next 6 years, i wanted to become a Christian but didnt know how to tell my friends, well it came to a point in my life where my fear of hell and recognition of my sin drove me to seek Christ and when i prayed for forgiveness, i got up and never knew anything else, but i was born again. I walked with God for 5 years and started to let prayer slip and next thing i knew, i was in a backslidden state. I can tell you now that the past 2 and a half years have been very miserable but i am back now and intend to stay with Christs help. Now as i say, this is brief and when i come to write my full testimony, it will be a demonstration of the saving power of God ( the circumstances how i was eventualy saved are nothing short of a miracle) and also as a warning to Christians of how lack of prayer leaves your mind open to the lights of this world and how the slope into the mire can become very slippery very quickly when you take your eyes off the Lord.

    So again, Hi for now and hope to meet many new friends here and if you can put up with my awful spelling and grammer, im sure we can all get along just fine lol
  2. Hi Marty ... Welcome to the forum where you will find fellowship , Bible Study and food for your soul . Blessings .
  3. Thank you both. I have read the links and look forward to chatting to you around the boards :)
  4. Welcome Marty .
  5. [​IMG]Marty we are glad to have you here at Jane
  6. Hello, welcome to the forums!
    I know all to well what you mean, its easy to be lead astray!

    Glad your back on the path now though :))
    Bless you.
  7. Look at that, we already have something in common :) LOL.

    Welcome to the friendliest forum in the world, the CFS!
  8. Welcome to CFS
  9. Thank you all for your kind words.:smiley10:
  10. Marty! I like that name! Mainly because Marty is a character in the Love Comes Softly Saga (if you haven't checked those movies out, they are amazing <3).
    Welcome to the forums!
  11. ha ha no i havent but thanks for the tip ;p

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