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  1. I have a great experience In 1993,,
    I am going to reach bus station
    Suddenly Express bus is passed,
    I ran to catch the bus but failed
    I was disappointed, Actually i am i am going to attend in a prayer meet
    I need to preach there..
    With disappointment i was murmured against God,
    God some times you are not willing to help me, if i able to catch the Express bus i may reach venue in some early and some safety
    Now i need to travel in a passenger bus, which goes very slow, i need to trouble
    Why don't you give the Express bus? while i am travelling to serve you?

    Slowly i went to bus station and i am started my journey in very old passenger bus,,
    it is going very slow,,, very slow,..

    Still i am thinking against God,, Oh do you willing to give some sufferings to your servants like me?

    This is my own thinking against God

    After fifteen minutes while my passenger bus is running suddenly driver stopped the bus,, where many people gathered on road
    I saw .... the first bus which is i missed (express bus) . is in a accident and went to river..
    Passengers are wounded and all passengers are crying,, many wounded too

    On road police said to our driver,, don't stop here,, traffic may give trouble,, you can move .. you can move.. my bus driver is moved forward,, now this passenger bus (ordinary bus) is running without hesitation,, express bus is stopped..
    God slapped me ,.,, now i am started to think..
    If i am able to catch the express bus,.. i may need to face accident.. i may have wounds too..
    now i am in passenger which is very slow,, but i am very safe now,,
    Oh i was started to tear ,,. i asked forgiveness from God.. i started to learn from slow things
    In my life i missed many ''EXPRESS'' events like buses and others,,
    but my God is giving his blessings through passenger type slow events
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  2. Amen,
    I have learned to not discount the delays. I have learned to stop and allow God to guide me.
    Many times these delays which anoyed me ended up protecting me from serious accidents and other such things and this also tells me that there are many things I have no idea what He kept me from or protected me through delays.
    Praise God for His loving kindness.
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