Gospel Tract Outreach Saturdays

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  1. Join us for an hour for our Gospel Outreach on Saturday morning 24th October. We'll be handing out gospel tracts at traffic lights by Woodmead Drive, Sandton, Johannesburg (South Africa) with our "Got Jesus" t-shirts on. We need people to help us take Christ to our cities, win souls for him and take a stand for him in a lost world. If keen, please RSVP and indicate t-shirt size so that we can organise one for you. Thank you.

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  2. Will be praying that it is a success!

  3. Do it repeatedly every Saturday .
    When the earth is dry it needs a lot of rain.
    and if you consider a dripping tap is ,in of and by itself a small thing . It will nevertheless if continued will one day overflow and flood the house.
    I know of a group in London who have done an open air every Sunday accept Christmas day for nearly 40 years . as a constant witness to a changing market place .
    So keep on keeeping on brothers and sisters and keep us up todate .

    in Christ

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