Gospel Dollar Bill Tracts

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    Gospel Dollar Bill Tracts

    Anyone here use the dollar bill tracts in your personal witnessing ministry? I have found them to be a very useful witness, as long as, one avoids a few situations, such as giving them to restaurant servers and using them where people seem to demand tipping. I also use some of the gospel coins in witnessing. I think these tracts are a novel way to get people interested enough to hear about the gospel. People seem to enough them. I have used tracts from Living Waters and TractPlanet. Do you have a favorite gospel dollar tract among the many out there?

    I have been collect dollar bill tracts for about 25 years. I had a house fire recently and lost my whole collection. I had over 180 different dollar bill/money tracts, and some gospel coins, in an album and lost the whole collection. Now I have to start over from scratch. I had just put the collection into plastic pages and a three ringed binder. I was planning to use it as a tool to try and get others into using the money tracts.

    My collection had one bill I think went as far back as the 1940’s and one from 1951. I had also collected several variations of several money tracts done in the last few years. I even included some from different countries and other languages.

    If anyone has some dollar bill tracts that they think would look good in a collection and you would be willing to part with them, then please contact me by email. Maybe we can work something out. There really is no time limit on this request, as it took me 25 years to get where I was the first time.


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  2. I feel for you. It doesn't matter what it is, if you've been collecting anything for that long, it sucks to lose it.
    Were it me, I'd try to contact Ray Comfort directly. He has been doing this for years, and if you could get in touch with him, I'd bet he'd have several different ones that he'd give you to get you started again. Good luck
  3. andypro7, I thank you for your kind words. I have been in contact with Ray Comfort. I wrote him because I had been reading his book Militant Evangelism just before the fire and it helped me to witness to those passing by and watching the fire. I mentioned the lose, but didn't press Ray on the subject. The firemen moved outside a piece of furniture that had some dollar bill tracts on it and I began handing them out as the house burned.
  4. Nice! What a great chance to bring up the subject:

    "Man, there's nothing worse than a fire that just won't go out. Hey, speaking of burning forever...."
  5. Yes, I have used Living Waters material, including the coins and the money tracts, often leaving them in waiting rooms, and along with a good tip for our servers at restaurants.

    Sorry about your loss! Start again---it will be worth it.

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