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  1. good news

    just a suggestion and i know its harder to find but could you put more good news in your world news section please.i read bad news all day i want to see some good news ,just to know there are good people out there in the world.
  2. As I understand the agreement that the Administrator has with the posters in that area; they post news about ATTACKS against Christians and Christianity. Therefore, WE ALL can be vigilent so these acts do not take us by surprise in our own Christian lives. Knowledge is our protection from evil and Christ is our Power to deal with it.
  3. SC most people don't know it but there are more people being martyred for Christ than at any time in recorded history- that is why it is important to get the word out- it would be kind of depressing if you didn't know were they were going and what reward awaits them- I reccomend every christian take at least one visit to this web site:
    it will open your eys and put you to your knees in prayer for your brethren.
  4. lets start an e-mail sent from this forum to lobby our governments,to pressurize these countries.and send it to all your friends.lets do somthing constructive through this site.
  5. why not link up all the christian forums to do important things like this.
  6. does some of that work. I don't think its that easy to email our governments unless we have a huge member base to back us up. Christian forums can all link up and I am actually working on a small idea. Just not enough time and investment to put. :p
    Heres the new site that I was creating today:
  7. good jeff im glad your on the same wavelength.i wonder if the church could help you financially?maybe contact some God tv shows with ideas.together christians can move mountains.
  8. Oh. I wont ask for donations from Church. I don't operate a ministry. These are just small time personal hobby type sites. I'll try for small partnerships though. ;)
  9. One Christian can move a mountain with the help of the Lord.

    I think when the time is right, these things will come into play. The problem is our government won't listen unless its half the country sorry to say. Too many Agnostics and Atheists in power these days.
  10. they reckon 70% of uk are christians how about funding us.
  11. Amen. :D

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