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  1. I am a new member on the forums.

    I signed up as Ferg5000 as it is a common online nickname I use.

    I am in my 30's from WV in the USA. I have been a Christian since my teens. I grew up in a local United Methodist church where I was an active youth member. I have always been a nerdy kid: 4.0 gpa, teacher's pet, glasses, etc. Most of the others in my youth group were smart, but preppy. Around age 14, I became disenchanted with the youth program. It wasn't bad, but I often felt like an outsider in the group because I just never fit into the extra circulars the kids did outside of church and school. One day at home, I threw my Bible in a fit. It landed open to Ecclesiastes 7. I read the first part of verse 1 "A good name is better than a fine perfume". God was reminding me that I had a good name, and everyone respected it and I knew that. And that name was worth so much more than the nice clothes, shoes, and looks that I was envious of. Since then, I've strived ever upward toward God by the way of Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit

    I volunteer at my local church by running the sound and projector systems. I also record our services and publish the audio online for streaming and download. I also manage our Facebook presence and website. I guess you could say I am our tech guy and webmaster. I would be happy to discuss the challenges, victories, and difficulties of managing these kinds of resources (and I've got questions of my own for other experienced volunteers), but I will likely withhold the name of my church or our website because we are the only church of a small denomination in my region.

    In addition, I have been posted as the leader (moderator) of our Monday night Bible Study class. We are studying the book of James using the exposition study guide written by John MacArthur. Likewise I would like to fellowship with other study leaders to learn and share.

    In my personal study, I follow the radio broadcasts of Dr James Vernon McGee's Thru The Bible radio program. I do promote it, though in respect of the forum's rules, I'll not press further than to say I do use it myself much to my personal blessing.

    I have nearly completed my first study of every chapter of the Bible with Dr McGee's program. I bring this up because I am very excited to nearly be able to say that I have studied every chapter at least once. I will not claim to understand it all, but I am trying; and crossing the last chapter of Revelation is both a milestone of completion and the starting gate to begin in Genesis again.

    And that brings me to the reason I signed up here: I fellowship with my church both as a member and volunteer, and I study solo; but I do desire more fellowship. I like to have deep conversations, like a study of Jonah (hint: the whale isn't even a main character :-0); but sometimes its hard to find others to discuss these things with. So I'm venturing online and testing the fellowship here to see if this is a community where I can find the fellowship I desire.

    With this, I confirm my faith that Christ has died, Christ is risen, and Christ will come again. I pray for fruitful fellowship with you in the name of our risen Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, amen.
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  2. Hi Ferg5000,

    Welcome to this very friendly site. I`m relatively new but have only received respectful replies & good discussions. You certainly have given us a great picture of your journey in the Lord & been quite up front with your intentions. May God guide you & may you also add to the Body as each joint supplies.

    Blessings, Marilyn.
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  3. Welcome Ferg5000. May our Lord Yehôvâh Bless you abundantly with grace and peace. I agree with Marilyn....this is a great place to fellowship

    God bless
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  4. Welcome :)
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  6. Hello Ferg and i hope you are well. I haven't been on CFS for a few months but I do look forward to fellowship with you in the future. Blessings...
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