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  1. Godtuner???

    OK, I am more than curious.

    What is the GODTUNER feature??? :)
  2. Hi Preacher, GodTuner.com is very much like YouTube, the difference being the content. GodTuner hosts Christian videos and YouTube hosts all types of videos. GodTuner supports high quality videos too. You should also check out GodTube.com which is a very popular Christian alternative to YouTube.

    If you don't know what YouTube is: YouTube - Wikipedia
  3. OK, I' have heard and used the other 2, but never heard of GodTuner.

    Thanks for the info. :)
  4. It's very new and its one of my newest ventures.
  5. Oh, so you own GodTuner???

    I'll pass the word. :)
  6. Yes I do and thanks Preacher. :)
  7. Hmm never heard of Godtuner myself. Worth checking it out! Godtube is quite an informative site with loads of vids and info about Christianity and Christians. :cool:



    So Jeff, when is Godtuner going to be up and running? And what is it going to have in it?

  8. I lost the whole site along with its backups because of some technical issue and it happened during my exams so I couldn't do anything.

    I'll have to build a new one and I'll keep you informed about the progress. :)
  9. Yeah that would be great mate! If you need any help ill be willing to help as long as its simple.

  10. Thank you, I will be needing some help. I'll let you know.
  11. Oh, it won't happened to this forum because the servers this site is hosted on is really secure, thanks to LogicWeb.

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