GodTuner.com - Work in progress

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  1. GodTuner.com - Work in progress

    I've just upgraded GodTuner.com
    It's not redesigned yet. It may take another month or so complete the site.

    Currently you will encounter lot errors but you are still welcome to browse through or add videos. :)

    The site is GodTuner.com

    Work yet to be done on GodTuner:
    1) Improving clarity of videos
    2) Attach logo to all videos
    3) Redesign website and player

    Any suggestions you have, let me know by posting in this thread.
  2. It looks really nice! :)

    Nothing I can think of now?
  3. I just re-designed the site a bit myself. :)
    Also video conversion process has been changed so quality of videos will now be preserved. But that would mean bigger files and more bandwidth. I may have to get a more powerful hosting package in a few weeks/months.
  4. Now I am trying to get a coder to work on including a ministries section so Christian ministries can join and post their videos there. So there will be two account types, a general one and one for ministries. :)
    If you have any suggestions I'd like to hear them. :D
  5. I like the look, just give it time to grow!:)
  6. Thanks Larry. I'll wait patiently and in the process improve it as much as I can. :D
  7. I shifted GodTuner.com to a better server (more faster) so the videos load (download/upload) faster. :)

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