God's power in the life of Joseph

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  1. God's power in the life of Joseph

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    Joseph was beautiful in form and beautiful of appearance. For this reason Potiphar's wife watched Joseph and lusted for him. Potiphar's wife said for Joseph that, lie with me. Sin wraps a human eye and paints lust of the heart as beautiful and covetous things, where lust brings sin into the heart of the man. Lust of the flesh came to the heart of Potiphar's wife, when she watched for Joseph. However, Joseph was the servant of God and said: Behold, my master wotteth not what is with me in the house, and he has committed all that he has to my hand; There is none greater in this house than I; neither has he kept back any thing from me but you, because you are his wife: how then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God? Potiphar's wife didn't care about Joseph's refusal, but she tried day by day to seduce Joseph to make sin with her. Every time Joseph refused to make sin of adultery. One day Potiphar's wife caught Joseph's garment by saying that, lie with me. Joseph didn't want to make a sin, but fled in that consequence that his garment left in her hand. Potiphar's wife became angry, because Joseph had rejected her intentions. For this reason, she set up Joseph as guilty of attempting to rape her. Because of this false testimony and a lie Potiphar sent Joseph to the prison.

    Lust of the flesh came to the heart of Potihar's wife, and this lust brought obsession into her heart about Joseph and desire to make sexual sin with him. The flesh of the man desires plenty of making sin that the man is the slave of sin and have obsession to make sin. Potiphar's wife was the slave of her obsession and lust, and she had decided to make sex with Joseph. Joseph's refusal caused to Potiphar's wife emotion that she had been rejected as women who were ready to offer sex to a man. This caused also emotion about getting angry, which caused false lie and revenge in her heart, because she didn't get change to accomplish her sinful lust and obsession. Sin is very rude and deceitful, and it came into view in this case very awful way.First sin in the heart of the man brings lust and obsession for sexual sin, and then anger and false lie. When sin can't conquer your heart it wants to revenge you by a lie and deception. Sin is also prepared to catch you like Potiphar's wife did to Joseph. When sin tries to catch you, only method is shaking sin off for you like Joseph did.

    Joseph succeeded in his life, because he didn't live in sins. The real success in the life of Jesus's disciples is that they don't want to live in sins, but want to live pure and righteousness life with God. Joseph succeeded because he didn't make sin of adultery. The real success in the life is that we from the grace of God want to keep our heart pure and away from sins. Unfortunately, some believers' measure success of their faith by money, fancy cars and houses. Prosperity theology is such kind of unhealthy group who measures their faith by material success. The real success in the life of Jesus' disciples measure by pure and righteous heart, where we want to keep sins away from our hearts. Joseph was obedient to God and God rewarded him with pure and righteous heart, but satan rewarded him by prison sentence. A prison sentence was not a reason of Joseph's bad life, but because he was pure and righteous before God, so sin revenged it for Joseph. My heart breaks right here because faith and purity of Joseph were great evidence about power of God and from its effect in the life of the man who loves God.

    May God bless you all!
  2. Yes Joseph's life is a perfect example of God's goodness and mercy. He was truly after the heart of God . Even though we see so many things that happened to Joseph , God knew from the very beginnig that Joseph was in perfect harmony with Him in obedience and worship .

    Same with us , when we are obedient and seek God's heart , God will reward us . Yes, the Christian life is not all soaring on the mountain tops like some people think , because it is the valleys where God teaches us to trust Him . as we grow in our Christian experience and walk with Him He trusts us with more .

    But that can only come with true worship; , fellowship , reading and studying the Word and most of all prayer . Prayer needs to be an every day part of our lives. How can we know God's heart if we do not pray ?

    The world thinks of success as a big house , car , high salary and a high paying job . OUr success is measured on how much we love our Heavenly Father , Jesus Christ and Holy Spirt. Because all these other worldly possessions will pass away but what we do for Christ will last for eternity .

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