Gods pleasure.

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  1. Gods pleasure.

    we know God made us for his pleasure,so the question is and always has which God do you worship.:eek:
  2. What do you mean...? Theres only one God.

    Who are we to judge God? He is greater then we are or can ever be.
  3. you answer that yourself.
  4. So your suggesting that there is a two sidded god that is on one side selfish and other Loving?
  5. his name is Jesus ,who has a two edged sword.
  6. I think your trying to look into the heart of Jesus, And he is on a level that no man can even comprehend.
  7. i think i understand.i have asked and been given knowledge.i don,t listen to man.
  8. Then your making a very unwise decition.

    was paul not a man? but God did speak through him. Man can show us alot about what God is.

    The Bible doesnt have all the answers, God does. The Bibles all true dont get me wrong but God has other ways to teach us.
  9. God has 1 way and that is truth.
  10. Yes, But theres truth through man, Truth through the Bible.

    Im not trying to say the Bibles wrong, Because it isnt.
  11. depends on which man you trust.
  12. True you cannt trust anyone, But there are men out there teaching what, when we read the Bible we dont see for our selfs.
  13. if you trust them.
  14. For some reason this makes me feel bad.
  15. Man's wisdom is but foolishness before God. Man is wise only as he is lead of, empowered by and filled with God's Spirit. Other than that he produces nothing of eternal value.
    The bible was written by the hands of men but only as the Spirit of God moved on their hearts and directed them.

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