God puts his bow in the clouds

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by smellycat, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. God puts his bow in the clouds

    Jesus comes with the clouds.do you think these are connected.?
  2. All I know was that putting His bow in the clouds was part of His promise to Abraham that He would never again send a worldwide flood. But He will one day destroy the Earth by fire.
  3. also why is it called a bow and not an arc.?:)
  4. An arc is just an arc.
    A bow on the other hand can be something that goes on and on and on… with a part of it being in a “bow” shape.

    The rainbow symbol is something that signifies a promise that will go on and on and on…

    And as far as being connected with Jesus coming back in the clouds?
    I believe it is. Everything of God is connected in some way. :D
  5. why is God,s bow/arc called a rainbow.?
  6. Because it comes after the rain.
  7. and before the sun.so why not a bowsun.?lol.:)
  8. You mean sunbow. It makes much more sense saying it that way. :)

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