God is truely good the son is savation

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by smellycat, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. God is truely good the son is savation

    i watch the bible channels and there rubbish.God shines on all Jesus is salvation,repent to Jesus,don,t get baffled by rubbish.
  2. So true- but not all of those show are bad. Many can be very edifying- pray and use discernment.
  3. There are some really good God honouring ones smellycat.
  4. Yes, there are~
  5. I used to really get into the History Channel's bible shows. Mysteries of the Bibles, and such.

    Then it dawned on me...hey, how come in every show, they have to insist that something in the bible is incorrect? Just because man wasn't able to do it, isn't able to reproduce the results...it makes it impossible (in their eyes) for God to do?

    I stopped watching the History Channel's bible shows. I believe in my bible. I know that it's a factual account of our encounters with God. We were lucky enough, as low as we are, that God put attention onto us and came to our planet to teach us.

    I stopped watching (I remember) in the middle of one show when they were talking about Lilith being the first woman. They included gospels that aren't in the bible. Something in my heart just told me - this is wrong.

    Anywho - Jesus is the Son of God. I praise Him today!:cool:
  6. I gave up on those secular presentations along time ago. I have never seen one that wasn't anything more than another tired attempt to discredit scripture.

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