God is good.. And He does miracles

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  1. Work has been so crazy that I have not been able to post this praise report.. Few weeks back I had requested for prayer request without giving any details. I truly appreciate every prayer.. Now I am back with a great news.. And to share more about a miracle Lord did for my family..

    The Lord is blessing me and my wife with another baby :D Few weeks back we did home pregnancy test and came out positive.. Me and my wife was so so happy and setup our doctor appointment.. We went it.. The doctor said there should be heart beat as it was 6 weeks by then.. The doctor checked and there was nothing. No heart beat and she did not see any baby. We were heartbroken. As some of you might know, my wife had 2 miscarriages before this. My wife was completely heart broken. The doctor asked us to come in a week's time. Giving one last chance and then she said we have to discuss options. On how to proceed with this. She was not giving much chance to us. My wife was getting so depressed.. That is when I requested for prayers.

    It was a tough one week. we had little faith. But Lord kept on promising us Bible verses.. For me, I was reading something and the Lord put this verse in my heart.. When he said to Abraham, this time next year you will have a son! The doctor said there is only one chance. If the dates got mixed up, we might have gone there early. So she asked us to come 1 week later. After one tough week, we went to see the doctor again..

    She started checking and immediately there it was! The sight of miracle. Even the doctor was surprised and was so happy for us. she knows what my wife went through. A good and strong heartbeat! My wife is now 12 weeks pregnant. Doctor has been checking us every week so that we are comfortable. Everything is going good and my wife is quite healthy.

    My baby is the size of lime now :D My daughter is so happy that she would have someone to play with and becoming a big sister. Praise the Lord.. World might see it as some miscalculation of dates.. But it is the power of resurrection that brought the baby back! Only Lord can do this.. Miracles do happen today.

    Thanks to everyone for the prayers.. Please continue to keep us in your prayers for a safe delivery and healthy baby :D
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  2. Congratulations, Rav! Whatever the world has to say doesn't mean a hill of beans difference to what God has assured you of---His great hand of favour upon you and your wife!
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  3. That´s great! I will pray for you.
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  4. What an awesome testimony to God's goodness! Thank you for sharing this update...now we can know more direct prayers to pray!
    Blessings to you and your family for a healthy, baby boy! In Jesus Name, Amen!
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  5. Praise the Lord and thanks so much for sharing!! :) Glory to El Shaddai! :D
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  6. I'm just now seeing this Ravi, but it really blessed me! I am so happy for you and your wife! What an awesome testimony to God's greatness.
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  7. Hallelujah and praise Jesus, King of kings.
    I pray for a blessed pregnancy and little, easy cravings.
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  8. I am very happy for you Ravindran and your wife.

    A dear couple I know struggled through several miscarriages. Then a son was born, followed by two girls. Having children after the son became too easy.

    Your post has reminded me of a miracle that happens to every human being when they are born.
    The unborn can only receives oxygen from the mother's bloodstream, because its lungs are not yet operational.
    The heart of the unborn do not circulate blood to the lungs to receive oxygen. To do this, the heart chambers have a hole between them to by-pass the blood to the lungs. The artery to the lung also has a safety by-pass tube (so to speak) in case any blood seeps into the artery to the lung.
    At birth, upon the first breath of the newborn, instantly the hole in the heart is covered/sealed-off by a flap of heart tissue, and the safety by-pass tube also gets sealed off. This allows blood to now be pumped into the lungs and, upon the first breath, oxygen gets filtered into the bloodstream to sustain independent oxygen supply.
    Nobody knows, how the body knows, to do this.
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  9. Awesome Testimony! Praise The Lord for answered Prayers. I have added you and your wife to my nightly prayers.!!
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  10. Wow! That's inspiring! Congratulations!
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  11. Thanks for all the prayers.. Just to keep everyone updated.. Things are going along really well.. All tests have come out normal so far.. We have one more ultrasound coming up.. That is the one where we would get to know whether its a boy or girl ;) It's also an important one.. My wife is already in 2nd trimester now.. Thanks for all the support and thoughtful prayers.. Much appreciated!
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