God Is Faithful!

Discussion in 'Praise Reports / Testimonials' started by Stan, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. I want to praise God for His mercy and care for my mother. She has had quite a few medical issues over the last year and He has been there to keep her. She's 82 and I know she will have to go one day, but NOT today.
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  2. Hey Stan...I'm having to deal with a close family friend with dementia (early stages) here....I hope you're not going through that!
  3. No Rusty, her's is all physical and I don't really deal with anything. My 4 siblings deal with it back east as I live in the west.
    She is sharp as a tack but like her own mother, her body is not so well. Thanks for the concern.
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  4. Well...Good...dementia is a bear.
  5. stan the man, thank you for encouraging me to join up

  6. Oh man Rob, you're welcome I'm sure, but where and when did I do this? LOL!
    My memory is terrible. :(
  7. you did nothing but I read your above post and the rest is history ;)
  8. LOL...OK I feel honoured. Hey I know a lady in Auckland.
  9. true, all above board aye! over here 60+ get the pension, so I guess u still working
  10. No mate...retired. On disability pension.
  11. I have cerebral atrophy, but life is good
  12. I'll pray for you Rob. God Bless.

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