God blesses despite my mess

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  1. God blesses despite my mess

    I praise God so much that He blesses me despite myself. I work a job I love for less money than I should (and so does about 90% of the American population). Today, I was at the 7-Eleven in the lobby of my office building with a colleague discussing some problems I've been having with my boss. Of course, my boss walks right up and "fist-bump"s me. I felt about 2 inches tall. Anyway, later, my other boss comes to my office and tells me that they're considering me for a higher position with more money than I'm making now! I'm the only person being considered, too! I thank God that even though I put my foot right in my mouth this morning, He still found a way to make my day better. What a great God, an awesome God, a generous God we serve, who blesses us despite ourselves!
  2. Rather than start a new thread, I'll just continue here.

    I thank God for sticking around despite the up-and-down nature of human feeling. I may have been a Christian for what seems like a while, but I'm still working through that difficult phase where once it stops feeling good, I stop praising God. I want to be a woman who praises Him regardless. So, even though it's not exactly where I think I should be, or even where I want to be, I praise God that I'm exactly where He's placed me at this moment. I thank you, Lord, for where I've come from and I praise You in advance for the stuff You're taking me to and through. I know You'll be here every step of the way and we'll look back on this and remember Your grace and mercy bringing me through. Thank You for your patience with me while I adjust, and I pray that this will be a swift lesson learned.
  3. Amen my dear . You are right on the money and we all struggle with the same issues . You are not alone in those things . I can say that sometimes when I go to church with a heavy heart , I don't want to praise Him , but as I enter into praise my burdens are lifted , so don't stop praising Him .

    It is the hardest when we are in our difficult situations or problems but if we realize that He is still there in the midst and , He will carry us through , it is worth it all . Just this morning when reading in Phil. about running the race , I understand that we cannot go by feelings but need to go to Jesus who helps us to become stronger Christians and walk with Him becsue Christianity is not a place where we stagnate but we grow in the love of Jesus Christ and walk in faith .

    Praise God and keep doing what you are doing . He is our source.

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