Glad to be here

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Dusty, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Welcome. May God bless you through this forum. He is active here.

    Looking forward to the fellowship and conversation. Regardless of our opinions, we gather in Jesus' name.

    Your brother in Christ.
  2. Glad to be here

    My name 'Kunmi with the username dazzling. I'm a Nigerian and love meeting people.I teach in a Secondary school and l also love teaching children.I also write stories and other books.
    I'd really love to associate with lots of people and give a helping hand where l can.

  3. Welcome Dazzling!
    (I am sure you are!)

    Ijebu Ode;

    That is an interesting location.
    I must admit that I have no idea where that place is...
    What's it like where you live?
  4. I really appreciate it

    Hi Dusty,
    Thanks for welcoming me. I quite appreciate it. Also, l'd like to say your site is really nice. Thanks and God bless.
    Have a God filled week.

  5. Hello and welcome dazzling

    God Bless

    [Team Edit of Typo]
  6. Univac;

    I have no doubt that your reply was an unintentional typo,..

    After I pulled myself up off of the floor, and managed to wipe the salt water spray from the inside of my glasses,

    I was able to post this observation, You may want to edit your last post.... Just one letter would do. :D

    ...Now, If you will excuse me, I must go and wash the milk out of my mustache! :eek:

  7. Welcome to the CF Site, Kunmi. Teaching children takes a lot more patience that I ever had.

  8. I'm guessing he put "Hell" or "Help"... lol.
  9. Well now for all of us who didn't see it .... we have a curious mind and want to laugh too.
  10. Where l live

    Thanks for welcoming me. Ijebu Ode is in Ogun State in Nigeria. It's an urban area and there kinds of religion there.Right now we are in the dry season and schools just statrted again. It's quiet and nice.

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