Giving God The Credit

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  1. One thing I have never learned about is giving god the credit he is due.

    Today I gave my brother 3 thousand dollars, so he can afford another semester of graduate school. Now when I left his house I realized that I had not given God the credit, I didn't even earn the money I gave him, it was given to me. So when I got home I gave him a call to give God credit, and remind my brother who has a very stressful life that he is still is the palm of Jesus's hand.

    What are your thoughts on this matter, and how do you give God the credit he is due?
  2. Can we give God enough credit? NAH!

    The Bible tells us to 'remember' what God has done for us in prayer and thanksgiving. I fall short of fulfilling that goal daily. We honor Him by become like Him-the one whom delights in mercy, compassion, kindness, truth, righteousness, self-sacrifice...

    No greater love is there; but to give up his life for another...

    God forgive me a sinner! Thank you LORD for your Son Jesus Christ whom I do not deserve.
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  3. excellent post ..
    I have found that ego is our biggest enemy ..
    and only ego tries to take God's credit ..
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  5. Greetings:

    Anonymously sponsoring a foreign child who has no credit.

  6. If you are known as a devout Christian to others, God will always get the credit.
  7. Amen! This is exactly what is expected out of us. Another poster used a nice word, ego. I would use a slightly different word. Pride. We need to get rid of that. We would automatically glorify God when we get rid of our pride. Can we get rid of it completely? Not in this flesh! Has God enabled us to overcome it? The answer is Yes!
  8. Thanks for all the replies on this it has been very helpful.

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