get rid of the middle man

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  1. get rid of the middle man

    satan is the piggy in the middle just ignore him.:groupray:
  2. the piggy in the middle is this,he seperates you from Jesus and a123 world erase number 2.number 2 muppet has power and money in this world.but shortley will your faith and listen to no man.
  3. yes do not fall for his lies
  4. Do you find satan easy to ignore? What tips can you offer to help others to ignore satan?
  5. don,t watch media.don,t listen to music.don,t listen to politicians.ignore people and find yourself first.
  6. Wow. That seems a bit drastic in my opinion.

    I don't think the point is really to ignore Satan... but to not be interfered with by Satan. Let God's Grace help keep you pure.
  7. if your building his kingdom he will leave you alone.:eek:
  8. I think you are giving satan more power than he deserves. Doesn't the Bible say resist the devil and he will flee from you?
  9. and who the builders rejected.has become the corner stone.:)
  10. I don't think satan has that much influence - and as for ignoring people - where does that fit in evangelism or fellowship?
  11. people get used by the spirit,i don,t mean ignore the person as in he,s not worth listening to,i mean don,t hang on there every word as being will hear the diffrence .

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