Get OUt Of The Boat !!!!!

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  1. Get OUt Of The Boat !!!!!

    Sometimes we ask and I have done the same " How can I have more of the Spirit ? " But in reality we should ask " How can the Holy Spirit have more of me ? "

    Matthew 14: 28-29 ....... "Lord, if it's you," Peter replied, "tell me to come to you on the water."
    29"Come," he said.

    If we want to walk on water , we have to get out of the boat.

    Whoa !!!!!- Wait a moment , yes that's what I said . Sometimes we are too comfortable in our own little world and we are not asking the Lord what we should do .

    I was one of those persons and the Holy Spirit dropped a message in my spirit to go on a short term misssion trip .---- " What me Lord ? " And then all the excuses " I'm not capable . What could I do ? How could I be useful ? " and the final one . Oh I don't think my Nurse Manager would give me the time off because vacation times had already been approved. - " There that settle it . I can't go "

    I could not have peace in my spirit - the thought would keep me awake . God was working in my heart ..... Ok, I will ask my nurse manager . She replied " I will get back to you " There that settled it Lord .and know that she will say , no .

    But God had other plans . She said let me get back to you on this request . That was in the morning and by afternoon she called me into her office to say she could work around it and that I was granted the request . My mouth dropped open and she said " But you wanted to go didn't you ? "

    God you are great . You provided the way even when I was not willing . I reluctantly got out of my boat and into an area of dire poverty and very desperate situations .

    After the first trip , I went three times more . God opened the door and I walked through .

    I have to say like Peter I got out of my boat and walked on water not knowing the beyond but ministering and doing V. B. S. to the kids which was my greatest joy as these unchurched kids from poor neighbourhoods were so receptive , grasping every story we told about Jesus , coming and giving us hugs , even though we could not speak their language . I will not forget those four years .

    Once I took that step of faith and walked towards Jesus , I will never be the same .

  2. Very good question I think, great way to put it and a great story!!!!!!!

    Love it :)
  3. Thanks JLA .... Blessings.

    Yup; I just wish I would have had all those opportunities when I was younger . ( not going to the life story of why not) But I am thankful that God allowed me to do what I did and I just wanted to encourage you young people to step out of your comfort zone when God calls .... Don't be afraid . He will be with you all the way .
  4. God is so awesome and is enabling me to branch out in to a forgotten ministry that is not for everyone because it requires lots of prayer and God's timing . It is the area of homosectuals , cross dressers, and transvestites . These people are genuinly nice people and very interesting to talk to and by the way are very well educated. . THey have to gain your trust first before they will talk and it does take a long time to even get around to talking about the gospel because they have deep hurts and do not trust Christians . A repore needs to be built and a bridge and that is only through the love of Jesus Christ .
  5. It's not what we know but who we know. And when we know Him, He gives us each step to take. We may not have the whole picture when we start, but He gives us enough steps to get started and as we go on the path He chose, He will lead the rest of the way.

  6. Amen and He makes the weak strong . I could never have done that on my own . I leaned heavily on Him . And that made the next three years even better. Praise God for the opportunity to serve Him
  7. I so needed to hear that. Yet another confirmation from our Father to go into the ministry :)
  8. That's great Katie .... Praying for you my dear . He is your Strong Tower. .... your rock of refuge . Psalm 31: 2..... Like David says
    2 Turn your ear to me,
    come quickly to my rescue;
    be my rock of refuge,
    a strong fortress to save me.

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