Get Out of that Pit

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  1. Get Out of that Pit

    Has anyone else read this? I got it for my birthday and just started it last night. One of her first suggestions was forgiving people. This morning I prayed to be able to forgive two of my relatives that I have bad feelings against. I know it won't be instant but I'm praying!

    Get Out of that Pit by Beth Moore
  2. I'm really good at forgiveness. Especially the forgive and forget part. I never remember hurts very long. Probably because I never really remember much of anything very long. I'm such a scatterbrain.
  3. Sometimes I am very good at it and sometimes I'm terrible. In this case, these relatives hurt my child and I am not so good at it. I've always said do whatever you want to me but hurt my child and the claws come out. Probably not a very good attitude but I'm terribly protective of my babies.

    Still praying on it though.
  4. It's much harder to forgive injury agains those we care for than injury against ourselves.
  5. It really is! Been thinking about this one all day. And of course praying.

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