Free from Microsoft

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  1. Free from Microsoft

    See Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool 2.4 - Computeractive

    The article says:
  2. Lol I finally get it :D xD

  3. Nothing to get. That was not a joke but a genuine offer of a useful free tool from Microsoft.
  4. What?

    Microsoft is giving away something for free?

  5. That is the amazing thing. It must be getting close to Christmas
  6. Well thank the Lord for Linux, because of it I get nearly all my software for free. (except for anti-spyware software, dont have much need for it.)
  7. loool Ray I was trying to figure out if that was a joke or not. because I read the title as "hey we're free from microsoft finally"
    so i thought you meant we are free from it !
    lol so I was trying to figure out what you meant by that software removal
    then i found the joke which was
    "microsoft malicious software removal" :D which translated to me as microsoft is the malicious software and that's the removal from it :D hence "free from microsoft"
    that's why i said what I said LOL

    cuz usually microsoft uploads many malicious software removal files so i thought it was a joke :p
  8. Its pretty weird the MS is giving away useful pieces of software like this (occasionally)...The general rule goes like this " If you have a valid copy of Windows XP,Vista whatever, then you get all the other tools for free as well" But if you don't then: no can do....

    This is pretty cool, thanks for sharing.

  9. honestly, if you think about how much things are included in windows, and the greatness of it, in my opinion i think it is well worth the price (and we don't feel it much since usually when we buy a pc/laptop it comes with it.. although without it it would be cheaper :p but we'll be running dos until we install something)
    plus microsoft gives plenty of free software. my favorite are the windows live suite, (messenger, Mail, photo gallery, family security, etc..) not to forget to mention windows office, very amazing. I simply love 'one note' for all my school needs =D

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