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  1. If I pray over my fortune cookie and ask God to send me a message through it can I then believe what the fortune says?
  2. Interesting question. Given that God can do anything, I guess the prayer would have to be for the right reasons and then He may answer that prayer with a message you are looking for. I don't think I've ever seen (so far) a message so blunt like that from God, but hey, it could happen.
  3. I mean if you just said "Hi, Lord please just tell me something, anything.. and let the message be in this fortune cookie, Amen!"
  4. No, why use a cookie when the Lord is living inside you? You can try it, but you will chasing after things that wont do anything good. I think they call that "a wild goose (cookie) case" :)
  5. No. That is the essense of "fortune telling" which is forbidden.
  6. Have you been watching 'Oh God book 2'?
  7. Greetings:
    Could be good evangelical device. Tell people that it works,and then bake your own cookies with "go to"
    and swap your cookie when they close their eyes in prayer.

  8. Okay, now that you say it that way, it just sounds weird. :cautious:
  9. I mean when I first read about moses talking to a burning bush I thought it was a little weird, but God works in mysterious ways.
  10. I could be wrong, but I don't think Moses prayed to that bush to have it spit out a fortune :confused:
  11. I'm not going to try it, I just wanted to discuss it. Yes the Lord is living inside, but James 5:14 says I should use some oil to get anointed. In that case I could make the argument why do I need the oil when I have God inside of me.
  12. Ah, it says you "should" not "you must" so you don't "need" the oil (y)
  13. You know whats crazy.. fortune cookies didn't even originate in China, they came from San Francisco.
  14. okay take out the word need and say could use the oil, could use the cookie?
  15. Paul used handkerchiefs to heal people, why can't we ask God to talk to us through cookies?
  16. Okay minus the pray minus the fortune. We got a talking bush, can we have a talking cookie?
  17. What is this? Does it have to do with cookies?
  18. You are one of the most interesting people I've ever met.
  19. This thread makes me think that all you want to do is get your post count up to contend with Mitspa. You should be ashamed.
  20. Greetings and salutations,
    instead of fortune cookies we could have Christ Cookies, with scriptures inside?

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