Ford Boycott

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  1. Ford Boycott

    The following link is to a Christian site that is sponsoring a ford boycott because of Fords sponsoring the homosexual agenda. I encourage every Christian to join the boycott.
  2. Id never buy ford anyway, not much of a domestic car guy..
  3. i,m sure i heard of ford doing a deal with god,i guess we know which one know.
  4. I boycott them for their poorly engineered products and their shoddy craftsmanship.
  5. Oh well, sorry to burst every one's bubble but I drive a Focus 2000 and have had very little wrong with it. The two cars before were Ford's also. what is a girl to do ? I have to drive what I can afford.

    There are others who support the gay agenda as well, not only Ford but we just haven't heard about them.
  6. If I may, homosexuality in itself is not a sin, as far as I understand it. It's homosexual activity that is sinful. What if someone is born that way as some think it is the way it is? How can they be saved if being a homosexual is sinful and they cannot help being born that way?
  7. I'm going to toss in my two cents here, plus a ha'penny for SmellyCat. :D

    I think what Adam is saying agrees with my take. We are all born with various proclivities to various types of sin, that is, we are all subject to various temptations. The temptation is not the sin, the indulgence of that temptation is sin. The difference between homosexuality and, say, drunkeness, is that society still recognizes that drunkeness is harmful and undesirable and we have various programs to prevent, treat, or discourage alcohol abuse and its attendant issues. Somehow, we (as a society) have come to put homosexuality into a special, exempted category all on its own, declaring it a legitimate lifestyle choice. It's just like any other sin, the same rules apply.

    Anyway, I treat the purchase of vehicles like the issue of meat offered to idols. I've had three Toyotas, two Oldsmobiles, one Plymouth, and three Fords. Unless the one from whom I purchase the vehicle brings up some moral issue related to the vehicle under consideration, I buy the vehicle on its own merits. I have bought from new car dealers, used car dealers, and private individuals, all with their own moral issues. I don't see my purchase as support for whatever (blessedly unknown) moral issues they may have. It helps that all my vehicles have been used, only once have I bought a brand of vehicle from a dealer that represented that manufacturer, so Ford has never profited from my purchase of a vehicle they manufactured.

    I drive a Ford now ('96 F150), but I'd rather have a Toyota. For what repairs have cost me in the last two years, I could have bought a Toyota. Live and learn.

    Anyway, to address the original post: I appreciate what you and the boycotters are trying to do and hope I'm not raining on your parade.

    My two cents? More like two bits. Got a case of the rambles today.
  8. I am a focus driver too - mine is only 5months old. I don't know if Ford Australia is the same company as Ford America or not. I must say though, if we boycotted every company which supports any non-christian agenda, it would be very difficult to purchase much at all if you really investigated them all.
  9. I signed it~
    No offense to anyone who owns one.....
    For all I know, we have one sitting in our driveway, but we have to start somewhere just to say we don't approve.

    Remember Walmart too is a big promoter of Gayism, Gaydom, Gayosophy......whatever.......:cool:

  10. You are right there Ausgirl. If we knew the half of all the advertising.we probably wouldn't eat either as I know of company that is well known and we buy their products.
  11. But it has GREAT prices! :D
  12. HA HA!

    And I shop there too! :D
    But I would still sign a petition just to show my disapproval.

  13. Didn't they stop giving money to homosexual organizations earlier this year due to new policies in the company?
  14. I am a Mustang fan, but that's not important here

    Absolutely. Why should we boycott one manufacturer that supports a homosexual agenda, when virtuallly every car manufacturer, er, rather virtually every manufacturer of anything, uses or has used sex, homosexual or otherwise, to sell their products? While I agree that the homosexual movement seems to be the most "predominant" agenda, it is only because it is the most recent. I mean, does anyone really think its necessary for the retail clothing stores to provide "live" models in their paper adds to show us what undergarments they have for sale? Are we going to start boycotting those stores,too?

    While I am disappointed in Ford's latest move,( it's kind of old news, though, I heard about it a few years ago-but I don't know if they have changed their minds, as u ne suggested they may have) )I recognize that it is one of desperation, because they are in BIG financial trouble. They actually do make some good cars(not all, but some). I see the confict, I really do. We try to be good stewards with the resources God blesses us with, and use them to glorify Him. The more I think about it, the only real way to do this, without being a moral hypocrite, would be to forego the automobile industry all together and start riding bikes or bigwheels. God does not choose one sin over the other. I honestly do not believe that we should either, and wasn't that mentioned repeatedly in the gay thread? It is the world we live in. Madison Avenue knows this. They're business is to apeal to our inherant sins of lust,greed,pride, and envy to sell their products Now, they have discovered "tolereance" and "green" are the new ideals to appeal to, and they will use them to their fullest advantage, in every single consumer market we participate in. If you wonder whether or not you should purchase something because the company that makes it or markets it may or may not be approved of, look for guidence from the Holy Spirit. Like Boan, I have become a used car person. Buying a brand new car, while I think alot of them would be really nice to have, is one of the worst possible investments anyone can make. You may as well pay $400-$700 a month for an icicle.

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