Fir Tree Found Growing Inside Man

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Dusty, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Wow- that is pretty bad.:eek:
  2. I heard this on Fox yesterday and it blew my mind:eek:.

    When we were little, my Daddy used to tease us and tell us not to swallow watermelon seeds because they could grow in our belly. We used to laugh every time he said that. This makes me wonder if that couldn't be true.

    Totally amazing.
  3. I'm afraid I just can't believe that. :(

    Especially considering the healthy green color in the "photograph."

    Go lay a piece of wood in your lawn for a few days and tell me if there is any green color left. Plants require light to convert into energy in order for photosynthesis to take place.

    A plant simply cannot grow to that stage inside of a human body.

    I was born at night..... but not last night. ;)
  4. Yea it would start out as a little plant, and doesn't have branches that look like that until it's larger.
  5. Hey , I'm just the messenger . Don't shoot the messenger .... he he :D:D:D
  6. I'm pretty sceptical about it too... something growing.... MAYBE. But green? ehhh, not really.

    Alright, I'll take the Spartan rout and kick you into a bottomless pit. :cool:
  7. Hmmmm ..... Mr nice guy and all this time I thought you were my friend ... LOL....:D:D:D
  8. It is conceivable he inhaled it- that was my first thought but I think you guys are right about it loosing it's color quickly.
  9. Only in Russia they say ....:)
  10. Wow, my husband heard this on the news and told me.

    I think it is part of Russian humor. Sure does make an interesting hoax and good joke. ;) Thanks for posting it. :D
  11. I wasn't born last night either, but I sure am gullible sometimes. I fell for it without giving it much thought. I believe you're could it be green?

    The question is, what is the purpose of proclaiming something like this and it being fake? It was covered on the national networks for goodness sakes.
  12. Yah ... Your right and I have to admit ... I too fell for it because I saw it on Yahoo and thought ... well if a sureon reports it ... it must be true ... right ? I guess I am just not as smart as the average bear ....:confused::confused:;);)

    That 's not as bad as the one that was going around where some one swallowed some sea water and when he was opened up the surgeons found a baby snake .growing inside him .... eeeew .... at least I did not fall for that one . :eek::eek::eek::eek:
  13. This is certainly very interesting!

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