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Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by Jeffin, Nov 18, 2013.

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    This is to encourage positive, uplifting and friendly posts. I'm still testing some of it's features so your feedback is always welcome. Hope you enjoy it. :)
  2. Personally Jeff, I find pop ups and the like humongously annoying. When I open a web page that is what I expect to see. Not twitter buttons nor face book buttons nor these unwanted and annoying things that creep up from the bottom of the screen.
    is there a setting where I can permanently Nuke them?
    Personally, I never read them, I just look for a way to close them ASAP.
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  3. The pop-ups feature is something I have been experimenting with. If it's annoying then we don't want it here. Bye pop-ups. :cool:
  4. Thanks Jeff .(y)
  5. are these the things at the bottom rt of the post? I like em. I say if the peeps dont like em don't use em. MHO

    Chili out
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  6. Actually there were other social media pop-ups which I removed. Calvin was referring to that.
    The Post Ratings feature at the bottom right of posts will stay. So far the feedback is good. :)
  7. Hi Jeff, did you not get my PM dated Nov 26th re Major?
  8. I received the message but at that time I could not reply and later missed it completely. Sent you a reply now.
  9. I want some feedback on the current Post Ratings system please. Would you like to see some changes to it? Do you think the old 'Like' system was better than this one? Based on your suggestions I will make changes to it or even remove it completely and restore it back to the old 'Like' system if there are at least a few votes against it. Let me know. Thanks.
  10. Jeff I think the old like system was best/better than what we have now.
    Reason being I can either like or not a post, while now, if I like it then I agree withso I think it is helpful etc.
    Poor spelling??? me, neva spells words badly, butt typos well yeah they happen but this is supposed to be a Christian forum not a spelling bee forum:)
    Just my $25.00 worth.
  11. Thank you Calvin for your feedback.
  12. I'm not over keen on ratings systems but given that we have one, I'd think I'd prefer the options to like/dislike and to agree/disagree to be available (I may for example appreciate the way a person has explained their point even though I disagree with it). I'm less sure about the others and certainly agree with Calvin re bad spelling.
  13. Thank you. Bad spelling gone too.
  14. I have never given a dislike rating or a disagree rating. nor will do so as to put it on someones rating. I will leave that for the emotionally insecure and those learning to control flesh, my thought is the person can always be helped later. Ratings just add more user activity on boards and anything added that users can feel more involved is a good marketing tool for any board and should be kept regardless of what others think they are really for.

    Shout boxes, Chat rooms and post rankings also keep interest. Chat rooms can be expensive if you don't have the bandwidth and have to pay for a package though.

    Any system in place is good enough if it encourages uses to feel more as they have an impact and interactions options.

  15. Totally agree with everything you said. I installed chat box once, something which wasn't really comprehensive. But spammers misused it and I had to take it off. A good chat and video system can be really expensive and can easily hog server resources.
  16. A bit of a drift but. I wouldn't have thought a chat room particularly heavy on bandwidth (as long as it's not spammed), especially if it's using a push system and just updating the text. I think the last one I used used Flash for the updates (I think with some fall back mechanism) but I'd guess web sockets are a candidate these days.

    I used to do a bit of web stuff but have "retired" from that. I have in in the past written my own php forum though. It used to be dynamic but some some of it still exists as a static site, eg. someone kindly decided to preserve and my abc converter was taken over by someone else. Try typing copy pasting this into

    T:Away In A Manger
    B: The Reader's Digest Merry Christmas Songbook, Ed William L. Simon, ISBN 0-89577-105-5
    c2|c3B A2|A2G2F2|F2E2D2|C4
    w:A-way in a man-ger, no crib for a bed
    C2|C3D C2|C2G2E2|D2C2F2|A4
    w:The lit-tle Lord Jes-us laid down his sweet head
    c2|c3B A2|A2G2F2|F2E2D2|C4
    w:The stars in the bright sky looked down where he lay
    C2|B3A G2|A2G2F2|G2D2E2|F4|]
    w:The lit-tle Lord Jes-us a-sleep on the hay
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  17. That's pretty cool. I think that would be useful to anyone that played Mandolin. Be nice if someone put up some Hillsong guitar tabs or Jeremy Camp. Sadly none came with Rocksmith 2014 which is awesome if you like rock. I checked into chat rooms for my site, I have one but I had to paste Code into my PhP files and mess hours with it just to get it to work with Simple Machine Forums. It's not super fancy either but you can post pictures in it. I can't imagine the cost of having video and voice chat.

    I have had my son look into integrating something like Mumble.
  18. That mandolin tab can be useful for people like myself (I mostly play Irish jigs and reels) who play open position but it doesn't cater for more complicated fingerings.

    Back to chat. The one I picked never got much use but I was running AJAX Chat: . I had to make a couple of small mods to get it to work with my own Login System but it seems to cater for a number of the standard forum systems. I had it running with the socket server (see: and but I'm not sure that would be possible to do with a number of shared hosting solutions.

    (I had a number of other requirements, eg. ghostscript, imagemagick, abcm2ps and abc2midi for the converter and ran my own (OpenSuse) server from home. Plenty of processing power, disk space, freedom to do what I wanted etc. but bandwidth was a limitation as it used home adsl. Fortunately the site was quiet enough for that to be quite workable)

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