Favorite Books and Why (other than the Bible)

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  1. Favorite Books and Why (other than the Bible)

    What are your favorite books and why?

    The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis. Written from a demon's perspective, it may be the most insightful book ever written about the subtle methods Satan will use to trip up Christians. Highly recommended.

    Currently reading the "Dragons in our Midst" series, which puts a Christian spin on Dragons as protectors of the faithful. Although a teen series, this 46 year old is thoroughly enjoying them. So far, there are 6 books in the series.

    Has anyone read "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller? I own it but haven't picked it up yet. I've heard that ultra-conservative Christians don't like it.

    Thank you in advance for your input. ;)
  2. My Favorite book is very controversial...

    I'll tell you what it is about instead of the title...

    A boy who has two parents and lives in India is given fine clothes by his parents. He loves his new clothes. The boy goes into the jungle and encounters tigers. In an effort to save his own life, the boy bargains with the tigers, and ends up bargaining his fine clothes away. Sadly he starts for home. On his way there, he finds the tigers argueing over who "is the grandest". The tigers fight, and become butter. The boy picks up his cothes and hurries home. Meanwhile, his father is coming home and discovers the butter. He picks it up, and takes it home to his wife who makes pancakes for the family serving them with butter.

    I have always admired the boy's bravery & cool head in bargaining with his enemies for what is really important, his life. I also like the justice that is rendered in the end. The boy didn't get revenge...he got his stuff back, and pancakes to boot! I love pancakes! The tigers are foolish enough to fight among themselves. They in the end lose everything, and become something sweet, and tasty for the boy they wanted to hurt.
  3. The Left Behind Series have got to be the best books I have ever read.

    I used to enjoy Dean Koontz but haven't read anything of his for a while.
  4. Blue Like Jazz!!! I want that book!!! I looked all over Central Oregon for it...nope. I was even scolded at a used bookstore for trying to locate a copy. Oh well. I want to read it badly.

    THE TAKING by Dean Koontz. Mysterious, alien rain starts falling that night. The TV goes out. Electricity is gone. And there's things moving around out there in the dark. The Taking tells the story of a woman's fight, along with her husband, to make it through the terrible things that are happening in one night of the world's darkest history. The children and the innocent are safe, but something awful is happening with the rest of the world.

    This book had me up for two days solid. On top of that, it started raining outside when I opened the book cover. I couldn't stop reading! I was so scared, and I explained the book to my friend Preston - he said, "Don't be scaring me!" :eek:
  5. I'm not a reader... But the one book that has influenced me the most is "The Helper', by Catherine Marshall...

    I liked the Screwtape Letters as well... Manners and Customs (sp) of the Bible or Bible times taught me alot...

    "Come Away My Beloved," is great for the romantic at heart...
  6. Your book sounds very much like "Little Black Sambo" which carries the very same story line and tiger incident. Yes, he was a brave little boy. Sadly, this book has virtually been banned in the United States because of the perceived racial slant. Personally, I think this a pity as I don't see any racism in it at all. From your post, it is obvious that it has been told in different cultures.
  7. Jacob the Baker by Noah Ben Shea

    A humble baker who has a habit of scribbling down wise sayings is discovered by his little community when one of his sayings finds it's way into a loaf of bread. The entire town begins coming to Jacob for advice of all sorts...brief chapters full of amazing wisdom and wit, first of a three book series. I am forever buying new copies as I lend them out and they never seem to come back...and I'm not complaining a bit :cool:
  8. Sounds really cool. Is it the name of the book that's controversial? Because it sounds like a great lesson.
  9. I don't know if they have "The Berean" Christian stores by you, but they're a chain that're in Arizona at least. They have it. Otherwise, Amazon has it: Amazon.com: Blue Like Jazz

    "Searching for God Knows What" by Donald Miller is also supposed to be good.
  10. In His Presence by E W Kenyon
    The Spiritual Man by Wathcman Nee

    These two books changed my life and my walk forever to the glory of God.
  11. Another CS Lewis book 'The Great Divorce' a short but very profound fantasy story;the narrrator travels from a gloomy and desolate city to Heaven,the journey he takes and the characters he meets show the meaning of good v evil but especially the Bible verse 'where your treasure is, there will your heart be also'
    An excellent book.
  12. Hinds Feet On High Places by Hannah Hurnard

    THe Final Quest by Rick Joyner
  13. The truth?
    The Little House series.
    I have read them over and over for the past 27 years.
    They have always given my life a sense of peace, comfort and simplicity~

  14. I love C.S. Lewis, I should find that book up at my bookstore. :)

    I tried reading the Left Behind series, once I got to one part it lost my interest. I also didn't agree to it, for some reason. But, at least other people may enjoy it.
  15. My mother actually owns that book. I didn't know it was Christian until now, silly me. :p
  16. You will really like it!:)
  17. OH BLESS YOUR HEART, VIOLET!!! :D Back to the basics. I love the stories.

    Yeah, I wanted Blue Like Jazz - the author is from Portland (about 105 miles from where I sit). He was on the news the other week, and he told about his book and why he wrote it; and I was fascinated!

    By the sounds of it, there's another Christian out there who thinks like me! :D

  18. You got it! Only the way I learned the story it was called "Little Brave Sambo". There is an updated version called "Little Babaji" it follows the storyline exactly. My daughter used to have that one. I have a little Sambo book that she borrows sometimes.

    Sambo has a bad rap...there are NO tigers in Africa...only Asia...this with his melanin pigment makes him Indian.
  19. It's Little Black Sambo. The story is controversial because he is refered to as "Black", and the illustrations are less than flattering. I still love the little brave boy, though.
  20. Actually, the books I had as a child (and my brother as well) was Little Black Sambo, and I found a very tattered and used copy later on when my children were growing up. I tried to acquire it because it is a cute story and I thought the pictures cute and not at all demeaning. The little boy pictures was "black" as some Africans are. Africans come in various shades of dark skin. I am caucasian but not as white as some and not as mellowed-out as others. I couldn't get a good copy of the book when my children were growing up. It was changed to Little brave Sambo. And that is good, but not the author's intent.

    So much has occured unnecessarily because of perceived biases.

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