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  1. Favorite band

    ok the Newsboys have to be one of my (if not my) favorite band. alot of their music makes me so happy i just want to cry. they just have so mannt sogs that to me are very deep and touching and really make me think of just how much Jesus actually gave us.

    oh Lord i just want to thank you so much for every thing you have done for me, with out you i am nothing.
  2. I have to many favs to list! But the Newsboys are great!:)
  3. I like newsboys too but I also like Third Day. I really like that man's voice.
  4. Jars of Clay, Third Day, Pocket full of Rocks are some of my favs.
  5. All the bands mentioned here are awesome.

  6. I never heard this group before......................I LIKE EM alot alot!!:cool: yup yup yup. I will check out more of thier music!
    Chili out
    Good podt Mark18
  7. I really liked the song, too, Mark. I will try to download some of their songs. Thanx.
  8. Some of my favorite Christian bands are Disciple, Brian "Head" Welch, Tourniquet, Project 86, Every Day Life, Beanbag, Wyrrick, Skillet, DC Talk, Big Tent Revival, Jars of Clay, and Newsboys. Those are about all I can think of at the moment.

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