Family Meal Traditions

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  1. Family Meal Traditions

    I'd like to see how many of you can recall and share an odd food combination your family practiced, or your own idea of a treat. Such as a peanut butter and pickle sandwich.

    My dad used to put honey on his cottage cheese. We were too poor to eat out, so when we'd go on long trips, mom would put a piece of balony on top of a sweet roll for us to eat. :eek: Then she'd peel an apple and say "here's your apple juice." I still can taste that balony and sweet roll sandwich.

    She also served saltine crackers with our homemade ice cream so we wouldn't get "brain freeze." We'd use snow to make homemade ice cream in winter time.

    Serve up some more memories.
  2. I've always loved banana and cheese sandwiches - particularly if they're toasted. Most people think it's crazy, but I think it's a great combination.


  3. Hey ... I still love peaunut butter and onion sandwich .
  4. Scrambled egg with catsup on white bread

    Cream cheese with catsup on crackers

    Chedder cheese with mustard on dark rye
  5. Tell me this isn't so! :eek:
  6. He he .... It is so . And the peaunut butter takes away the sharpness of the onion . Hey, don't knock it until you try it ... :D:D:D

    I know you always wondered about me and my weirdness ..... he he :D:D.... It's a Canadian thing .

    Just like apple pie with cheese .
  7. Well I've never tried PB and onions but I do love PB and yellow wax peppers (or any pepper for that matter).
  8. Also my dad loved PB and banana sandwiches.
  9. When we kids had a congested chest, G-Ma would cook up a batch of onion syrup for us to take. She used about 6 big onions, sauteed in lotsa' butter, and would give us a couple teaspoons of the syrup it made. Then, she'd pile the cooked onions on toast. Mmmmm

    I still make that once in awhile. Not the syrup, but I cook butter n' onions and put it on toast. A real treat.
  10. mmm PB and pckle i LOVE that havent had it for ages (i used to bring that to school for lunch all the time lol) another thing i like is raspberry or strawberry and cheese sandwiches (has to be aged chedar (sp?) another thing i really like is perogies with cheese, salsa and fryed onions mmm yumm

  11. Chris .... Your making me hungry .... I love perogies and that's how I make them too .... yum

    Oh and chili .... with lots of cheese on top and green onions ... Yum
  12. Hold it! What's "perogies?"
  13. Sort of like dumplings with different fillings . It is a Polish tradition .... they can have cheese ... or saurecrout or potote filling . They are boiled and then after put in a pan with fried onions ... then topped with salsa and cheese .

  14. Mmmm. Looks like there are bits of bacon in the pic. I'll have to look up a receipe. Woops! Never could spell that word!
  15. they are amazing you should beable to buy them frozen at moste any store they are rather finicky to make and are VERY messy i find moste store bought ones to be almoste as good as home made. the moste common kind in stores seem to be potatoe bacon, potato onion, potato cottage cheese and potatoe chedar cheese. then you just boil them for 5-7min (depends if they are frozen or not 7min for forzen) then fry them up with onions a bit of oil and some butter i useually also add some garlic and pepper aswell
  16. I juiced an onion one time to fire up my immune system...I almost called 911 when it hit my stomach. :D:D:D

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