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  1. Wow, is our first advertiser via beaconads. I'd personally like to thank Heavy-J for the joining our ad program.

    Please support him by visiting and joining his site
    and his other sites:

    There are more spots available. Any Christian company/individual can join and advertise on CFS via this link:
  2. Yay! I noticed the ad. I saw the "fake credit card for Jesus" and I was like [​IMG] and then I was like, oh, I get it now.[​IMG]
  3. hehe thanks Jeff and Rumely :) I was stoked to see that you adverts allow Gifs which means I could get real value for money by promoting more than one website despite the link just going to one site. Very cool. And this way you don't open your site up to any old Google Ad which may promote rubbish on your site.
  4. Awesome! I am happy it worked well for you and me too. :)
  5. The only thing that irks me about that site is that they separate Catholics from Christians. Catholics are the "original" Christians--- prior to the Orthodox separating with us and the Protestants separating too. Also, some of their ideas of the Catholic beliefs are wrong. :(
  6. Thanks for the feedback Angelic Rose.
    I suggest that you join the faith of choice forum where you can post your suggestions and feedback. If you have found some of the details listed on the Catholicism page to be wrong, your advise on how to change them would be appreciated. You can comment directly under the Catholicism page on that website or in either of the forums, including the website feedback and complaints section.
  7. cool, I will check it out
  8. Thanks for letting me know--- when I have a spare moment I'll do that :)

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