Faith VS Foolishness

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  1. Greetings,
    Over the days I am going to share real life events who thought they were using faith but really were simply operating in Foolishness.

    True Story from a Pastor.
    God sent him across the country to Preach, Teach a series.
    So he fueled up his plane and left.

    Now on his way back he ran into one of those freak storms that pop up unexpected.

    It pushed him all around and way off course. In fact he was so far off course that he knew he did not have enough fuel to get back.

    So as he is a faith man he began to pray in the Spirit and believe God would get him back. He refused to give into fear.

    When he landed back home the man who services the plane did his normal inspection.
    After he finished he refueled the plane.

    He then called the pastor over and the pastor asked why he looked so confused.
    The man said after logging your planned flight course and actual flight course he had discovered it is totally impossible to fly that distance. These planes just don't hold that much fuel but here you are.

    Then he shows the pastor the amount of fuel the plane took. It showed he still had like 18 gallons of fuel left when he landed and says, these planes just don't hold that much fuel and you should have less then ghat if you had stayed on course. He walked off shaking his head muttering , they just don't hold that much fuel.

    Now that was Real Faith Inspired by God.

    Now then that Sunday the Pastor shared this testimony with his church.

    Now there was a family there who are dedicated Christians. After the service they piled in their car and headed home.
    A little ways before the gas station his wife said you better stop and fill up or we won't make it home.

    He blew by the gas station and said if God will put gas in the pastors plane He can put gas in his car.
    Three miles down the road they ran out of gas. He could not understand why God would not help him like he helped the pastor.

    That was Foolishness in which he called faith and God us not going to do it.

    1. He had money in his pocket
    2. He knew he needed gas.
    3 he chose to not stop and drive by.

    Friends Faith Works but you just can not come up with what ever and decide you will use Faith and God will respond.

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  2. Jim's story reminds me of why my father died. He was diagnosed with a non-cancerous cyst in his large bowel. The doctor told him that it was an easy surgical fix, but my father refused surgery. Why? Because he wanted God to miraculously make the cyst disappear. He believed his faith was strong enough to do this. What he was really doing was telling God how he wanted this problem to be fixed, but God had given him the solution:
    1. He had an early diagnosis with an excellent prognosis because it was NOT cancer
    2. There were skilled surgeons ready and able to fix the problem
    3. It Is written to not tempt the Lord thy God
    For many years my father prayed a prayer he had written out for himself asking God to make the cyst just let go and be gone. In the meantime, he kept losing electrolytes through severe diarrhea and had one cardiac arrest from potassium depletion. I myself lined him up with two more competent surgeons, but at the last minute my father always refused to sign the consent forms, and went back to his prayer and insistence that God fix his problem his way. As a result I found him dead beside his bed one morning. He died of a cardiac arrest from potassium depletion. Up to that point I had to call an ambulance once or twice a week whenever he collapsed from dehydration and potassium depletion - all from a cyst that could have easily been surgically removed.

    This is definitely foolishness rather than faith. It is good to have faith, but when God sends you the help you need, refusing to use it because it is not precisely what you envisioned is pure foolishness. I am confident that had he had the surgery I would still have a father. I repeatedly tried to point out to him the difference between strong faith and stubbornly refusing the help that God was continually sending his way. It took me a long time to forgive him.
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  3. Thank you for sharing and this important reminder Egraine
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  4. The man in the car was truly foolish - he seemed to be testing God. However, if the man was truly dependent upon God at that time - perhaps he was out of money and/or time - rushing a child or spouse to the hospital due to an accident, I believe that is where his faith would produced a different outcome.
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  5. That would be true and yet it was his foolishness that was to be seen.
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  6. Great story, Jim. You are going to send us more, right?
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  7. Yep will put some more up tonight. Just got back from grocery store. Praise God for my bike !!
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  8. Thanks Jim for the story. What the man did was indeed foolishness and not faith.

    He should've seen his wife's advice as a reminder from God to fill up the car. He shouldn't have been so adamant for God to do it how he wanted.

    I wonder how often I do the same.. How often God tells me to do it like this, and I say "But Lord this way's better." I guess that is a sign of lack of faith in God's plans for me.

    Lord let us all be more faith-driven and not follow our own ways like fools. :notworthy:
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  9. Jim,
    I was very glad to have read this post yesterday before I left my office.
    I stayed a bit later last night and when I got to my office parking garage my car was completely dead. I was able to get the guy in the parking garage office to jump the battery. The car started up and I was able to drive home safely.

    Once I got home I turned the car off to see what would happen. The car would not restart. So my sister came over to jump my car again to ensure it would start again because I was going to take my car to the dealership the very next morning. The car would not jump start again, it was completely dead. My brother in law said he would come look at it for me. I googled warnings of bad battery, warnings of bad starter, warnings of bad alternator. I was praying it was the battery because we know this is the cheapest expense.

    Right when my brother in law came over to test my battery my coworker from my bible club text me out of the blue and said she was praying and kept seeing my name pop up in her head and felt like she needed to reach out to me. I told her what happened and I needed prayer. We were both praying for it to only be the battery.

    We took the battery to a local auto store and they tested it for me. It was the battery. The sales clerk said it's completely dead and this thing will not even take a charge.. it's literally that dead. I explained it started fine when the parking garage attendant jumped it and i drove it home just fine. He said that's impossible, this thing is so dead it will not register anything. No way it would take a charge. I said, well it did.

    I was glad I read your post first because I immediately started thanking God for getting me home safely and for the expense to be so minimal compared to taking it to the dealership for a major problem. I was very thankful and started praising God for making a way to get me home safely knowing I had no one to help me and I was stranded downtown. God made the entire process easy and not scary for me. Everything flowed without any issues and then my coworker text me right in the middle of it all asking if I was okay and if I needed prayer.

    God is literally good to take care of our needs. I am so very blessed today. Thank you for sharing yoru story with me.
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  10. Second Example of Faith Vs. Foolishness
    Again All Are True Stories.

    One of my Pastors was working their Prayer/Support phone lines.

    A lady called in all shook up and crying profusely to the point he could hardly make out what she was saying. This went on for some time.

    The Pastors heart felt for this lady but he had no idea what to do so he began praying about this lady and he felt the Lord say, Ask Her What Happened Again.

    So he did and she said she went to the bad side of town and got mugged.

    So he felt led to ask her, so you felt led to go to the bad side of town.
    She said no she had a check about going but went trusting God.

    So the Pastor asked, so you had a check about not going but went anyway.

    The lady became a little frustrated and began talking. The Pastor soon found the the lady was more upset with God for not protecting her then she was about being mugged.

    As they talked the Pastor asked so you felt led to go to the bad side of town.
    The lady said no I felt a check in me not to go but I prayed Psalm 91 over me as I always do and no evil will come unto me And Went Anyway.

    Friends you can not just cherry pick a scripture like this and apply it anytime and expect it to work. One must be Spirit Led in All Things other wise it's just flesh and the flesh profits nothing.

    Now Psalm 91 was working. Notice these things.
    She Always Prayed Psalm 91.
    She was Warned by the Holy Spirit to Not go but Disobeyed and Went anyway.

    Psalm 91 did work that day.
    She was warned not to go.
    She ignored the Warning
    She did it her way.

    Friends we must learn to Listen and Learn to Obey. Disobedience will get you hurt and cost you more then you want to pay.

    Be wise and full of understanding when it comes to making choices and calling it Faith.

    FCJ. .... More to Come
  11. Glory to God! Awesome praise report of God's goodness for His children.
    So very blessed you shared this. It definitely is a faith booster :)
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  12. It definitely was for me.
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  13. Good one. Are you sending a new one today? I have been sharing these with my coworkers. lol
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  14. Today, tomorrow sometime. Lol
    Like to give a little time for some to catch up.
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