Faith Healing Vs Medication ( Your View)

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  1. I for one think both are God's venues to heal the sick.
    But sometimes I think, since Jesus has power and He lives in US.....
    We don't need to rely on meds ..but then only some get healed and not all... and
    Some illness are so severe medication is needed, not saying He can't heal's just..He doesn't all the time..

    So what's your view, WDYT?
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    I agree 100% with you.

    We always pray first! then rely on our God given brains, second.

    If we only pray, how is that not tempting God?
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  3. I have an illness. In @ 1995, my doc told me I had 6 months to 20 years to live after my diagnosis. (I found that a bit ridiculous.) I don't know if my life afterward has been truly one of faith in G-d or if it is more of one of lack of faith in doctors.

    My doctors proved to be abysmal. They told me they knew nothing about the disease, and if I wanted to know anything, I had to do my own research, because they didn't have the time to do it. Further, I found that one surgeon lied about my condition when I saw my chart, after she had written the lie. It has been a circus. My distrust was brought on because she attempted to put me on a transplant list by coaching me about what to say/not say to the board.

    I remember the year as @ 1995, but the actual diagnosis was possibly an unknown time before that. Therefore, I believe I may have outlived the diagnosis. That could not have happened without the will of our G-d.

    So I go on living. I apparently still have the illness, because I have the symptoms, but it would not surprise me at all if some day, I realized I was healed. It won't be by the docs meds, because I don't take them. In fact, I give all glory to G-d for this, because most people my age are taking a handful of pills daily, but I am not, by His grace. All I take are B Complex twice daily and a regular vitamin, when I remember it -- which works out to about once a week, maybe more.

    I was rear ended twice at red lights some years ago, and as a result, I have copies of my medical papers. I really ought to read through them and get all the facts together.
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  4. I think as long as we acknowledge that meds are invented through God given knowledge, I don't see a problem with that. The question would be, are we trusting God or meds? It does not mean get rid of meds. Simply means always expect God to work through us irrespective of whether we take meds or not
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  5. I absolutely believe we can pray for healing and trust God in that way. My sister-in-law was healed of a condition when she was a child. Doctors didn't expect her to pull through. Her family went to church and a prayer group came and encircled her bed in prayer. The next day she was right as rain and went to school perky as she was before she ever fell ill.

    That being said, I also believe a creator created the intellects that are gifted to be healers in his name. Whether they profess God and Jesus or not. And as such, those doctors are the vessels by which God heals the sick on earth. Jesus laid hands on people as the great physician that channeled God's power. I believe doctors do their part as that anointed vessel as well.

    There have been far too many headlines reporting children dying of simple illnesses that could have been healed in hospital had their faith healing parents taken them there.
    The scripture tells us not to test the Lord our God. And that God is not mocked. If governments exist to rule because it is God's will, how can doctors be anything but God's will to heal?
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  6. Lol Lander Shapiro

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