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  1. Fear is one of the biggest bondage's that Christians face. As a believer, I know that I have experienced many attacks from the enemy to where fear controls me. It wasn't until this semester that I started hearing God speak to me on fear in my life. It does comfort me, knowing that others face this as well and it's just not me.

    I am a team leader for a student ministry at my school. Student ministries is something that every student in my school has to do. When you start school, a staff member picks a student ministry that fits well with you and you go out once a week doing that ministry. It consists of a team and a team leader. The team leader is in charge of the team and arranges team meetings and whatnot. Anyways, so I was picked to be a team leader and I have had a few meetings already with the team.

    There's this new student that just started and she was put on my team. I hardly know this girl, but she approached me and started pouring out her fears of public speaking. Now, the student ministry that we are doing is children's ministry at a church and we do that every Sunday morning. This girl has approached me many times, expressing her fear of public speaking and that she refuses to do it if the moment arises for her to speak in front of the kids. I have encouraged her that she has to face her fears because with a preconceived notion already placed in her head, it blocks growth in her life. I have explained to her that I'd like to see her grow this semester, but her fear is blocking her to do so.

    Fear cripples you. It stops you from growing.

    I was in our school's prayer room a few days ago, and God spoke clearly to me about fear. He said, "Step out of the boat and onto the water. Fear not." When Peter stepped out of the boat, do you think he wasn't fearful? Of course he was, but he faced that fear. And in that one moment, he grew. Yes, he did sink, but Jesus' hand was right there to pull him up.

    I just want you guys to know that through every fear, God goes with you. In fact, perfect love casts out fear. Say that over your life. You have nothing to fear. If God is for you, who can be against you?
  2. I agree with you. How young is she? With the lack of knowledge and understanding comes fear. Your love in training her to overcome this fear is the Lord working through you.
  3. I hope so. Today was our first ministry together and she was rude a few times towards me. Lol.

    I'm not sure how old she is. I barely know her :/ But I would think somewhere in your early 20s.
  4. I'm curious as to what she has in mind for children's ministry? Does she have things in mind that she can do without public speaking? If public speaking is an essential part of that ministry, then she either has to overcome that fear or look for a different ministry. I'm not saying throw her in the deep end of the pool and tell her to sink or swim, but she must not allow this fear to paralyze her ministry. She should either find a ministry which doesn't involve public speaking, or submit her fear to God and begin the process of working through it, hopefully with the help and support of the rest of the team. In terms of overall effectiveness, I would encourage her to do the latter.
  5. That's good advice. I may speak to her about that :)
  6. I can't fast on food but I'm fasting on a number of things. I've only told one person (my best friend) most of the things I chose to fast on. Recently he said he was worried I was taking on too much stuff. I said, "too much" would be going 40 days and 40 nights without food and water because it's not humanly possibly. However, to assume that deactivating my Facebook, not drinking (even though I am by no means a heavy drinker), distancing myself from friends that are unbelievers, just to name a few...are "too much" is silly in my eyes. God made the heavens and earth! He can surely help me go without Facebook and drinking for some time.

    This leads me to the fear subject. My best friend is doing the fast too. He got saved 2 days before this past Christmas. It was the very first time we went to church together. Anyhow, he is fasting from smoking and so I suggested he fast from drinking as well since he is a social smoker and smokes when...you guessed it, he drinks. He told me it was too much and that he couldn't do it and that it wasn't necessary. I told him one thing leads to another (it always does in life, doesn't it?) and that if he wanted to ensure he stay on track, it was probably the best thing for him. Well, sure enough he didn't and since he began he has smoked...each time he drank.

    Fear is what held him back from truly giving into the fast and giving things up that he thought he couldn't. The same thing goes for me and my ED or other things in life that I feel I need to control. That's the problem, we feel we have to be in control of everything instead of giving Him the power and letting Him take over our lives.

    At the same time it's a process. I am sure my BFF will come around one day and realize that it was silly for him to suggest I was taking on too much during my fast when God is the one who I am to be leaning on to get me through this. God is the creator of all things. We magnify our problems and think they are too much to handle, but nothing is too much for God. It's important that when we feel out of control, we should remind ourselves that as Christians we are really saying that God doesn't have a hold on this. As believers we should always lean on Him. Trust me when I say, I struggle with this big time. Today I was nearly on empty driving home and I had to drive up a long hill to get to a gas station.
    It was dark and cold outside and I remember thinking, "Oh the horror if my car stops because it can't get up the hill!" Then I had two thoughts thoughts: 1) If it happens, it was in Gods plan. 2) I have to trust in Him that it wont happen.

    I chose the latter ;) and I made it, but that is how I have chosen to think of things the past few years and more so as I continue my relationship with Him. It's so nice to know that if things don't necessarily go right, there is a reason and a plan that He has for you.

    Sorry for going off on a major tangent!!

  7. You can tell her that often, the very thing God has called us to do often scares us the most. I was also terrified of preaching, I could stand in front of senior executives and directors in my company and give speeches and not lose a beat. It did not scare me at all but put me on front of a congregation and I would literally tremble so much so I almost dropped the mike once. Anyway, we have to face our fears and now I absolutely love preaching, it still scares me from time to time but I know it is where God has called me to be.

    Moses was terrified of public speaking to so God gave Him Aron to help out in the beginning but later in Genesis we see Moses addressing the crowd himself.

    Tell her to enjoy her walk with God, take small steps but keep on stretching until she gets to where God wants her to be.
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  8. Lol she sounds like me, that fear is called social anxiety (anxiety aroused by social situations) is easier said than done..but its good you are encouraging her :)
  9. The best way (the most basical, easiest method) to remove fear, to me, STAY WITH GOD .
    Using science to analyze, find root of fear and solutions...


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